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‘Feed Your Mind’ Networking Lunch Monday, April 16th

The Networking ‘Feed Your Mind’ Networking Lunch will offer an opportunity for conference attendees to network with expert educators, researchers, and clinicians across a variety of topics. The format is designed to facilitate informal discussions, allowing participants to present their questions and gain new insights.

Come prepared to join in on the conversation and share your thoughts on the following topics!

  • Navigating Your Early Analytics Career – An opportunity to connect with other folks new in their careers and to discuss related topics.
  • How to Become an Analytics Leader? – A lot of analytics folks start out with excellent technical abilities. We tend to be very good at executing. But a lot of us struggle with becoming effective leaders/managers.
  • Data Privacy and Governance – What types of data should be protected? What is the role of professional societies in establishing standards?
  • Best Practices for Analytics Transitions – Training, upgrading, changing.
  • Health Care – What type of analytics would be most useful for pharmaceutical R&D?
  • Oil and Gas – How has the need for analytics changed based on renewable energy, price dip of oil, and changing global politics?
  • High tech companies – Which analytics methods are being used the most…which methods are underutilized?
  • Deep learning….sea change or buzz word?
  • Supply chain…..O.R. vs Descriptive/Predictive Analytics.
    Do we have the right balance?
  • Emerging Analytics – What is the next big thing?  What new track should we have next year?
  • Assessing the value of data
  • Under developed industries….the land that O.R. and analytics forgot
  • Charities, Pro Bono Analytics, and Not-for-profit analytics
  • Government oriented analytics – Is the use of analytics in government leading the way (DARPA) or woefully behind?
  • Block chain (it’s not just Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies)
  • Women in Analytics
  • Diversity in Analytics
  • Ethical issues in Analytics
  • Undergraduate education on business analytics
  • Finding clients for analytics consultants (or why companies would rather leave $200K on the table instead of pay you $10K to hear how to get it)
  • Academic Analytics – Opportunities and Challenges
  • Sports Analytics – Beyond predictive analytics
  • Life Sciences & Health Care – Is the field using data-driven approaches?