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Supply Chain Optimization Now and In the Future: How Will Advances in Analytics and AI Influence Decision Making?

Being successful at S&OP/Integrated Business Planning is all about effective and timely decision making, requiring the right processes, data and especially the right decision support tools. Research shows that the majority of supply chain organizations still rely on spreadsheets to guide their supply chain decision making, slowing them down and making them less responsive and fragile. Recent advances in analytics and AI in combination with the ever growing amount of available data enables fast and effective decision support, increasing both the pace and quality of decision making, maybe even No-Touch supply chain planning? In this talk, the impact of these recent developments will be discussed, including how it will impact supply chain decision making and how organizations should prepare in adopting them.

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John Poppelaars

John Poppelaars

Co-Founder & Director at LITIC bv

Analytics Expert & Entrepreneur
John Poppelaars is co-founder of LITIC bv, a company focused on supporting organizations in adopting data & analytics driven decision making. In this role John acts as senior advisor & analytics expert.

Professional Background
John is a specialist in the field of Planning & Scheduling, Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain, and a passionate proponent of the use of analytics as a key business enabler. Throughout his career, he has applied the business maxim of ‘improving decision-making’ to numerous projects across a myriad of industries and supported his clients to optimize their businesses with the best suitable analytics techniques. John was awarded the 2012 Franz Edelman Award for his work on the development and enhancement of TNT Express’ analytical capabilities, which resulted in substantial savings.

John is regularly invited to guest lecture at various universities and conferences on the practical application of Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. Furthermore, he has created a blog titled, ‘OR at Work’, where he writes about the practical application of analytics in business.

Prior to founding his own company, John was employed at BearingPoint and ORTEC. During his consulting career he has been taking on roles as advisor, analytics expert, programme manager, process improvement consultant and project manager. John earned a master’s degree in econometrics (1990) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Industry Expertise
Utilities, Media, Logistics, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Aviation, Telecom

Expert Knowledge
Operations Research, Econometrics, Statistics, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence

Contact Information
Twitter @ORatWork