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AMPL Optimization Inc.

Add optimization to your applications.

Optimization is the most widely adopted technology of Prescriptive Analytics, but also poses the greatest challenges — especially in a business setting:

  • How can you prototype an optimization application fast enough to get results before the problem owner loses interest?
  • How can you develop optimization-based procedures to get results you can use, within your time and resource requirements?
  • How can you integrate optimization into your enterprise’s decision-making systems?

AMPL gets you going without elaborate training, extra programmers, or premature commitments. Its model-based optimization approach lets you focus on describing the problem of interest, while taking advantage of advanced solver software to compute solutions efficiently. Its powerful yet intuitive modeling language and system is designed to address every stage of the optimization modeling lifecycle:

  • Prototyping in an interactive command environment.
  • Development of optimization procedures via AMPL’s built-in scripting language.
  • Integration through APIs to C++, C#, Java, MATALB, Python and R.

Thanks to its versatile general-purpose design, AMPL has been successfully adopted by large operations of every kind, spanning diverse applications in manufacturing, energy, transportation, finance, and services. We would be happy to discuss how AMPL can help you add optimization to your applications.

AMPL Optimization Inc. — +1 773-336-2675

We also offer free and highly discounted software for a variety of special uses: