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Track: Life Sciences

Ways to Impact Patients from the Biotech/Pharma Industry Point of View: Adherence

Wednesday, April 14, 1-1:40pm

Most prescription drugs available in the market to patients, need to be consumed (by any route of administration) at the right time and frequency found to be (at clinical trials) the most effective. Patient health and successful recovery depend on being adhered to those times and frequencies. To ensure patient and prescription drugs success, drug manufacturing organizations have a role to play when engaging patients while monitoring patient compliance: This is using the latest technologies (AI, wireless devices, and organization information platforms) and being aware of patient struggles through their journey.

Erick Diaz Outten image

Erick Diaz Outten

Erick Diaz Outten

Associate Director at Novartis

Erick Diaz Outten is an Analytics strategist in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. Erick partners with cross-functional stakeholders & leaders, field teams (on patient engagement/adherence and reimbursement, payer and market access, marketing, and sales) and executives to impact patients, while improving utilization of prescription drugs. With more than a decade working in the non-clinical side of the industry for multibillion dollar brands and companies, Erick has mastered the process of understanding what truly drives the successes of patients and prescription drugs at any stage of development.

Erick started developing his expertise as a consultant in pharma/biotech at ZS Associates, and since then he has worked with small, medium, and large corporations in the industry. Companies like Biogen, Alexion, Stallergenes Greer, and most recently Novartis have benefitted from Erick’s expertise and diverse skill set. Before working on the pharmaceutical industry, he lived in his native Peru, where he was an adjunct professor of Operations Research at the National University of Engineering and had a growing career trajectory as an information management consultant for the Energy and Mining industries.

Erick holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the National University of Engineering in Lima, Peru, and a Master of Engineering in Operations Research from Cornell University.