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Track: Risk Analysis

Operationalising Resilience Management to Navigate Environments with High Uncertainty

Wednesday, April 14, 10-10:40am EDT

The topic of this talk is the development and management of resilient systems and processes that can operate in highly uncertain environments. We will start by discussing the differences between risk and uncertainty and introduces the concept of resilience management. Then we will explore an analytical framework for resilience management combining soft and quantitative Operational Research methods. This framework is the result of years of research and practical work with different stakeholder groups, governmental organisations, and academics. In particular, we will discuss how organisations can use models, cognitive maps and simulation results to enhance resilience. We will do so by splitting the resilience management process into four tasks: i) framing the system, ii) building an appropriate model, iii) operationalising resilience and iv) preparing for implementation.

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Hugo Herrera

Hugo Herrera

Head of Analytics at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust 

HUGO HERRERA received a MSc. from the European Master in System Dynamics in 2015 and later completed his PhD System Dynamics in the University of Bergen. Hugo is passionate about participatory system dynamics, integrated modelling and problem structuring methods. Hugo has just joined the NHS as Head of Analytics after 6 years as senior business analyst for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Hugo actively collaborates with University of Bergen as researcher in the HORIZON 2020 project SUREFARM and has been supporting the United Nations Environment Programme to develop a system dynamics model to advice policymaking in the KAZA Trans-frontier Conservation Area. Hugo is member of the OR society general council and the UK System Dynamics Chapter policy council.