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Track: INFORMS Prizes & Special Sessions

Special Women in OR/MS Session: Embracing Worth and Value to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Monday, April 12, 3:35-4:15pm EDT

In this session, you’ll learn the top causes of impostor syndrome and why it impacts women and people of color disproportionately. You’ll also understand the difference between worth and value and learn to leverage both to build a strong sense of confidence and trust in yourself. Finally, you’ll walk away with strategies for overcoming impostor syndrome, navigating an impostor spiral, and embracing your unique worth and value. This special session is brought to us by INFORMS Women in OR/MS. For more information on this INFORMS forum go to:

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Jessica Dowches-Wheeler

Jessica Dowches-Wheeler

Spiritual Leadership Coach, Gender Equity Advocate, and Management Consultant at Bright Space Coaching

Jessica is a Spiritual Leadership Coach, Gender Equity Advocate and Management Consultant with a background in healthcare administration. Jessica spent much of her career as either the youngest or one of the few women leaders in male-dominated organizations, where she witnessed firsthand the inequity women face in the workplace and the impact that has on women’s confidence and wellbeing. As a coach, Jessica helps women embrace who they are and align their passions and purpose with positions that make an impact in the world, because she believes if every woman lived her purpose, every need in the world would be met.