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Track: Analytics in the Public Sector

Advances in Process Mining

Tuesday, April 13, 3:35-4:15pm EDT

Many people think of processes as intentional groups of activities which serve profit maximizing businesses or mission driven government agencies. While this is true, information ecosystems and complex processes are also emergent and self-organizing with no human intention. In this presentation, get an introduction to the world of process mining—a new AI/ML technique. The presentation will first introduce process mining fundamentals and discuss how it is penetrating the corporate world in support of digital transformation initiatives. Next, several case studies will be presented which demonstrate how process mining is being used to model emergent ecosystems such as: space domain awareness, whale behavior, smart agriculture, COVID disease progression, hurricane disruptions, and civil unrest.

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John Bicknell

John Bicknell

Founder & CEO of More Cowbell Unlimited

John Bicknell founded More Cowbell Unlimited to help America remain a beacon of hope and strength on the world stage. He is a national security thought leader and passionate analytics visionary. He has written extensively on national security matters related to information warfare, critical infrastructure defense, and space situational awareness. John leads software and business development efforts for More Cowbell Unlimited.

Before retiring from the United States Marine Corps in 2010 as a Lieutenant Colonel, John served worldwide most notably in Afghanistan and at the Pentagon. He led enterprise-level process intensive human resources supply chain projects designed to discover inefficiencies, architect solutions, and re-purpose manpower savings. In his corporate career, he operationalized an Analytics Center of Excellence for a large EdTech firm, among other accomplishments.

John is a member of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) and InfraGard. He is also Vice President for the Information Professionals Association and host of The Cognitive Crucible podcast. His Master’s degree from the Naval Postgraduate School emphasizes econometrics and operations research. John lives with his family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.