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Track: Decision Analysis

Combating Prejudice and Discrimination: Regression Modeling and Analysis for Hate Crimes

Tuesday, April 13, 4:30-5:10pm EDT

In today’s uncertain world, people are dealing with challenges that are unprecedented. Police engagement with people of color has brought race to the forefront of the nation’s continuous news cycle. Also, with COVID-19, like so many healthcare issues, disproportionately affects people of color. It is just one of the injustices African American people face in this country. I will use both quantitative and qualitative data sources as I search for the primary causes of hate crimes within our country. By identifying key variables for a regression model, these factors may help our Federal Government in analyzing data on this increasingly important social issue. To maintain future reform for equality for all individuals, my research may suggest new ways to help define future policy and provide safer communities and neighborhoods.

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Matthew Matlack

Matthew Matlack

Enterprise Account Executive at Commscope

He graduated from the highly regarded Columbia University in New York City with a degree in Economics. He further enhanced his education by obtaining an MBA from the University of Tulsa. With this educational background, Matthew understands how the key business drivers of micro- and macroeconomics influence the private sector. While in New York, he showed his entrepreneurial ability as well as his management style by leading a creative team in the development of a student written Guidebook to New York. This book, which sold over 50,000 copies, was highlighted in the New York Times and Crains Business. During his 13+ years of experience in the networking and communications industry, he has created business plans and executed sales strategies that have surpassed quota attainment for 12 consecutive years and allowed him to be nationally recognized as a Top 5% sales performer. Attainment of sales goals has been largely due to his ability to build trusted relationships with colleagues, partners, and customers. During his career he has been a sales expert with Cisco Systems, Vice President of Sales at DTS Communications, and currently, Strategic Account Manager for Brocade. The diversity of the software applications is impressive: Entertainment, Healthcare, Energy, Wireless, Telecom, Gaming, Government, Airline, Financial Services, Disaster Recovery, Retail, Petroleum, Banking, and Travel. In addition, he has developed a unique expertise with complex datacenter design and architecture. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys data analysis and research. His latest project includes understanding what variables impact prejudice and discrimination in America.