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Track: Simulation

Employment Application Arrival Model for Talent Acquisition Simulation and Management

Wednesday, April 14, 2-2:40pm EDT

Talent acquisition is a critical element of the talent management cycle. Employment application arrival is a stochastic process that poses limitations and delays on the subsequent vetting, decision making, and negotiation steps necessary to hire and onboard talent. Analytical comprehension of this process may be useful for guiding the content of job postings and the expectations of hiring managers as well as for simulating flows and timing from the issuance of job requisitions to onboarding. This presentation demonstrates that application arrival behavior may be effectively modeled using an ensemble of Gamma-Poisson distributions with mean rate and overdispersion parameter distributions correlated to work site, field of practice, and career stage, using application data from a large research organization collected over several years.

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Thor Osborn

Thor Osborn

Principal Systems Research Analyst at Sandia National Laboratories

He focuses his data science efforts on analysis and operations research to inform executive leadership on key business decisions. Most of his recent work has been in modeling workforce movements, compensation, and document management. He holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from the University of Washington and an MBA from the University of New Mexico, and has earned the ANSI-accredited Certified Analytics Professional designation. He has been awarded three US patents and has published on diverse topics including biological sensing, MEMS actuators, seeker systems, terrorism, and workforce analysis.