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Track: Revenue Management & Pricing

Banking on Revenue Management to Optimize Shopper Marketing

Monday, April 12, 1:45-2:25pm EDT

When it comes to Shopper Marketing, brands and retailers have to overcome an increasing cacophony of noise – across an ever-expanding range of channels — to effectively reach people as they make their buying decisions. Shopper Marketing is no longer just limited to promotions; it also includes generating brand awareness, building relationships and loyalty, and ultimately a profitable sales lift.
In this context, Revenue Management has to help optimize every single customer engagement, whether via an ad or a promotion, to delight shoppers and drive sales and profits for retailers and brands – not to mention industry partners like Catalina who help execute such campaigns. The scope of a sound Revenue Management program encompasses:
– The creation and rankings of consumer segments to optimize Return On Ad Spend
– The ability to forecast campaign outcomes
– The ability to dynamically change audiences and other campaign elements in-flight to deliver stronger results
Net, Revenue Management done right will optimize every touchpoint with a given target, identifying the best channels and timing for an ad or promotion to turn shoppers into buyers, and buyers into loyal fans.

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Wes Chaar

Wes Chaar

Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Catalina

Wes Chaar is an established expert and leading thinker in the fields of Analytics and Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and Data Fusion fields. He brings more than 20 years of experience driving industry-leading innovation to his role as Catalina’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer, where he is focused on bringing greater value to hundreds of millions of shoppers worldwide, while increasing the efficiency, predictability and responsiveness of retailer and brand marketing initiatives.

Wes is applying his skills in revenue management, pricing, channel distribution, consumer choice modeling, CRM and audience targeting to guide Catalina’s investments that will enhance its one-of-a-kind shopper data analytics engine to drive performance for retailers and brands.

With experience spanning the airline, hospitality, online retail, media and marketing sectors, Wes has published in an array of journals and has presented at conferences spanning the airline, hospitality, online retail and media sectors. He is a member of AIAA, IEEE, INFORMS and I-COM.

Wes’ work has been recognized with an Emmy for Engineering and Technology (Turner team), the INFORMS Innovative Applications of Analytics Award, the ANA Genius Awards for both (i) Marketing Analytics Science and (ii) Excellence in Pioneering Analytics Innovation, the ARF’s Great Mind Award in Analytics Leadership, and he was a finalist for both the Wagner Prize for Excellence in Operations Research Practice and the Edelman Award for Achievement in Operations Research and Advanced Analytics.

Wes attained his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.