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Cardinal Operations

Cardinal Operations is a data-driven management consulting and software company. We are dedicated to bridging the gap between optimization theory and the practical application of advanced analytics. We offer seamless decision solutions to companies in revenue management and supply chain with our world-class optimization algorithms. The core scientist team consists of top talents in data and decision analysis is well positioned to provide the real end-to-end solutions that transform data into actionable decisions. Members of the core team have rich experiences in working with leading enterprises both in China and overseas, developing deep insights in key decision-making challenges. Cardinal provides customized solutions that best fit our customers’ needs in revenue management, vehicle routing, facility location, logistics planning and inventory management. 

Founded in 2016 by 5 Stanford MS&E professor and PhDs, Cardinal has been successfully applying operations research and data-driven models to many giant companies in China. Its business is developing at a fast pace with a steady cash flow and strong venture capital support.

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