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Princeton Consultants

Princeton Consultants,, is a leader in applied optimization, with a track record since 1981 of breakthrough solutions. For many of the best-managed businesses as well as fast-growing innovators, we develop optimization and predictive analytics solutions and deploy them in 24×7 software systems. Our small, high-powered teams blend world-class technical expertise, deep business understanding, and change management experience. We are a longtime member of the INFORMS Roundtable.

In addition to solution development, we perform consulting services to help organizations transform their advanced analytics capabilities. These include: 

  • Advanced Analytics Model Review and Validation
  • Rigorous Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) of advanced analytics opportunities
  • Optimization Project Risk Management Assessment

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we rapidly develop optimizing simulations for the assessment of operational policies that minimize employee infections and maximize facility productivity, and we advise executives seeking to mitigate supply chain failures and leverage disruptive technologies in transportation and logistics.

Through frequent programs and articles for business and technical audiences, our firm leaders help establish best practices in advanced analytics. CEO Steve Sashihara is the author of The Optimization Edge: Reinventing Decision Making to Maximize All Your Company’s Assets (McGraw Hill), the first introduction to optimization for business executives.

We welcome conversations to explore how we might help your organization. To learn more and contact us, visit our website,