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The effective use of analytics is more important than ever for a wide range of organizations. The most effective analytics are coordinated, and the best and most complete set of coordinated analytic capabilities comes from SAS. Data integration, statistics, data mining and machine learning, econometrics, and forecasting integrate deeply with each other and with core operations research features like mathematical optimization, discrete-event simulation, and project and resource scheduling.

SAS provides a software foundation that’s engineered specifically to generate insights and provide guidance across the analytic spectrum, scale to meet evolving needs, and support diverse analytic approaches. SAS analytics are cloud-enabled and are accessible from Python, Lua, Java, R, and the SAS programming language. SAS supports cloud, on-site, and hybrid environments. It deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem.

SAS helps organizations around the world build analytic models, populate them with relevant data and insights, communicate recommended decisions effectively, and surface these capabilities within accessible, business-oriented interfaces. See how SAS can help you understand the past and present, anticipate the future, and make better decisions.