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Friday, November 13

I know I touched on it yesterday, but this has been a great experience and I’ve really enjoyed this virtual conference. Being in Taiwan and a student, our travel budget usually keeps me from being able to attend in-person meetings in the U.S., so it’s been wonderful to be part of the larger INFORMS community this year. I’ve enjoyed the Business Meetings I’ve attended and am looking forward to joining more communities and maybe even doing some volunteering to stay in touch. 

On that note, I’m ready to chat with Contributed Presentation Session authors of FA28. Supply Chain Management and Applications, particularly those for An Organizational Framework for Sustainable Supply Chain Management: an Integrated Theoretical Perspective and Supply Chain Operational Disruption Management Towards Resiliency: An Empirical Study on Post-COVID Supply Chain.

Because it’s been a long week, I’ll probably go to bed ‘early’ tonight and enjoy a pleasant morning with my last two keynote presentations: David Simchi-Levi, Statistical Learning in Operations: The Interplay between Online and Offline Learning and Richard Tapia, Underrepresentation in STEM: A Danger to the Health of the Nation.

I’ll then dive into my final session, FD32. Supply Chain Risk Management. There are three presentations that all look great:
Competitive Sourcing of Substitute Products Under Supply Disruption
Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from The Bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping
Hunger Chain – A Competitive Supply Chain Simulation

And that’s a wrap!

Thursday, November 12

I can’t believe it’s so close to over! This has been such a great week of learning and meeting people.

Continuing that, I’ll be back in the Contributed Presentation Session to start the day. I’ve noted three different presentations in ThA28. Supply Chain Management 4 that I can’t wait to chat with the authors:

Effect of Contingent Wholesale Price Contract on Target and Pledge Amount in Crowdfunding

Epidemic-driven Production Planning Model

Measuring Organizational Risk Management Maturity in the Supply Chain: A Preliminary Analysis

I’ll then watch the morning Keynote by Linda Burtch, The New Normal? COVID-19’s Impact on the Analytics Landscape & Developing Trends. After attending the Resume Review Workshop her company held, I’m looking forward to learning more about where she sees the analytics field going and how it’s been affected by COVID-19.

I’ll then head to bed since they usually end around midnight my time. In the morning, I’ll catch up on some sessions that looked like they aligned with my research area: ThC32. Sustainable Operations in Developing Markets. This session has numerous presentations that I’m looking forward to digging into and seeing how they could be applied to my research. Additionally, I’ll watch ThD31. Innovations in Supply Chain FinancingBlockchain-Driven Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance simply because it looked interesting.

I’ll also watch the recording of the afternoon Keynote by Barry Nelson, Rebooting Simulation for Big Data, Big Computing and Big Consequences.

Wednesday, November 11

Today is probably my least busy day, which is nice because it gives me a chance to get ahead in some of my coursework and research.

Spending my evening with the Contributed Presentation Sessions and chatting with the presenters as usual. WA28. Supply Chain Management 3 has Supply Chain Management – Integrating Sustainability Parameters which immediately piqued my interest.

After that, I’ll attend the 11am Plenary by Mike Watson, AI is the Right Term for Our INFORMS Profession and then head to bed for the night.

Over breakfast, I’ll catch up on two of the afternoon’s sessions:
WB28. Future of supply chains – honestly, most of the these looked interesting so I didn’t pick any particular ones
And WD24. Empirical Studies in Supply ChainFocusing Provider Attention: An Empirical Examination of Incentives and Feedback in Fluvaccinations.

Monday, November 9

Ok, real quick before I head to bed but Day 2! I definitely don’t plan on staying up every night for the whole conference, so I’m going to start breaking up my ‘day’ to let me sleep.

This evening, I’ll be attending the Contributed Presentation session MA28. Supply Chain Management 1 and participating in the chat with the presenters. I’m looking forward to discussing the ideas in two of the presentations: Robust Supply Chain Network Design and Optimal Ordering and Allocation of Personal Protective Equipment During The Covid Pandemic.

Depending on how tired I am after that, I’ll either go to bed or watch the Plenary Panel Discussion: Forecasting Models for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Once rested, I’ll come back to watch the On-Demand playbacks of the Industry Job Search Panel and the Keynote by Guru Pundoor, Evolution of Retail Supply Chains – A Practitioner’s Perspective. I also want to make sure I see Online Pricing with Offline Data: Phase Transition And Inverse Square Law as part of MD28. Data-Driven Decisions in Supply Chain.

Finally, I’m hoping to catch the WORMS Business Meeting and MIF Student Poster Competition live at 5:45pm EST/5:45am TST but that will likely depend if I hit the snooze button on my alarm. I always enjoy the WORMS meetings so I’ll just also plan to have coffee ready to go.

Sunday, November 8

I plan on starting my #INFORMS2020 time strong on Sunday with the Resume Review Workshop hosted by Burtch Works at 11am EST. This ends of being 11pm for me in Taiwan but I’ve prepared myself for a lot of late nights this week!

The Resume Review Workshop looks like a great opportunity to learn how to best target my resume for the jobs I’m interested in and possibly finding any changes or additions that would be good to make in the next year. I’m absolutely of the opinion that more advice or research on my part is always better.

After that, I plan on attending the opening plenary from Sheldon Jacobson, Operations Research and Public Policy: Making a Difference and looking through the Poster Presentations. I’m particularly interested in 30. Predicting the Number of Covid-19 Cases in Different Countries Using Time Series Analysis and 78. Robust Ann Simulation Optimization for Supply Chain Problem Under Uncertainty with Customer Satisfaction Analysis.

I’ll then attend the INFORMS Member Meeting and the Minority Issues Forum (MIF) Business Meeting before wrapping up my ‘day’ at around 5am my time. Time for some sleep!

I’m a 24-year-old master’s student in the College of Management, National Taiwan University in Taipei. Help me by answering a couple of questions, then keep scrolling to learn a little more about me.

Skill set
Procurement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Personal Goals 
I want to successfully finish my degree in the next year and then seek a position as an industry analyst or supply chain consultant at a highly reputed company.

2020 Annual Meeting Goals
My first goal is to make connections for job searching next year. I want to know what employers are looking for in a candidate and what I could do or learn in the next year to be a better job candidate. Entry-level jobs here are competitive and I want to make sure I stand out from the crowd.

My second goal is to present my current research and see what other people will be presenting. Ideally, my research will help catch the eye of a potential employer or a possible connection to help with my job search, but I’m on the lookout for what else I could participate in or work on before graduating. There is a lot of opportunity for change and to make a difference in the world with the disruptions to supply chains from the pandemic. I’m interested in what is already developing from this and what will continue to develop.

What’s hard right now?
It doesn’t seem like many companies are hiring this year and I’m worried that will continue into next year. Also I expect there will be a lot of competition for any jobs that are available.

Finally, knowing how big the previous Annual Meetings have been, I was already unsure how to best promote my own presentation or stand out. With it being virtual now, I don’t know where to even start.

Favorite color

Favorite food
Soup dumplings

What do you always have with you?
My planner. I keep it organized and color coded, it has my whole life in it.

Personal Motto
“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”– Jim Rohn

In my spare time, I like watching dramas like Peach Girl and Lost Romance and visiting night markets and tea shops with my friends. I also do a little cross stitch.

Social Media
Twitter, Instagram, TikTok

Annya stylized headshot

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