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Tuesday, November 10

I couldn’t ask for a better platform for the exhibit hall. It is very to the point and simple to use, which for a virtual platform, you couldn’t ask for more! We have had quite a bit of inquiries submitted, so I was mainly busy today working through those. 

It was a bonus to be able to have quick resources for attendees to look through and ask questions about. I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring!

Monday, November 9

I was delighted to have some good traffic to my virtual booth. Again, we were able to meet some engaging people, discuss our products some more and answered a bunch of questions. We hope you are able to check out our website by choosing our sponsored banners around the virtual conference platform!

Sunday, November 8

I couldn’t be more thankful to the INFORMS Staff for putting together an amazing Virtual Annual Meeting. Olivia has been extremely helpful and attendant with the exhibitor and sponsor process. I am confident and excited to see how well this meeting turns out. Today has been successful so far, have met an array of intellectual people, and have had very engaging conversations. Cheers to day one!

I’m a 49-year-old Strategic Account & Marketing Manager at Prescriptive Analytics Software Inc. in Silicon Valley, CA.

Skill sets
MBA, Software Analyst, AMA member. Skilled in Management, Teamwork, Leadership, and Project Management

Personal Goals 
Take advantage of the changing environment to learn new methods and tactics to interact with customers in place of face-to-face interaction. I would like to continue to deploy these new presentation methods as we release new products and use it to expand our contacts to better demonstrate my product lines.

2020 Annual Meeting Goals
I’m looking to successfully integrate product development, lead generation, and sales and creative strategies tied to our prior campaign tactics. I want to make contacts and increase my company’s exposure, showcase live demonstrations and workshops of our products, and create lead generations for future use. I’m hoping to get useful, marketable information about attendees so I can contact them with ways our products can help them solve their problems and make their jobs easier.

I’m unsure how a virtual conference will compare to an in-person one. Reaching potential customers and creating leads is hard enough when people are in front of me, I don’t know how to best reach them online, let alone reach out to the ones who might be interested.

What’s hard right now?
Making the right kind of contacts, being able to make that personal connection with new customers, stagnant budgets, and developing new leads.

Dream car
Shelby Cobra

What do you always have with you?
My Hydro Flask water bottle

Personal Motto
“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Hiking, wine tasting, with a little bit of hang gliding. I like exploring new coffee shops to set up my virtual office when I’m not physically in the office, building my own circuitry on the weekends, and spending time with my wife and kids every chance I get. 

Calvin stylized headshot

Join Me for 2020 Annual Meeting