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Friday, November 13th

Well, Friday the 13th is a good spooky day to end the first full-blown Virtual 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting. What a year! Though, there has been nothing spooky about the gathering of over 5,200 of the sharpest minds in the fields of mathematical optimization, machine learning, data mining, operations research, management science, analytics, and data science. Plus, a bunch of other terms – but I’d refer you to the Michael Watson keynote for more on the lexicon used to describe the science of better decision making. 

I’ll just use this for now ? (tagline below) but I know the INFORMS community is “the legacy and future” of our tagline. #DevHasData

Saving Lives. Saving Money. Solving Problems 

Here’s how I’m closing out my week: 

Friday 11/13

FA35. Combinatorial Optimization

Networking Lounge

Keynote- Friday. Statistical Learning in Operations: The Interplay between Online and Offline Learning

Networking Lounge

FB22. Ranking and Sequential Choice Models.

FC45. Physics-guided Machine Learning in Advanced Manufacturing

Keynote- Friday. DEI Keynote Speaker

FD17. Learning from multimodal data: Promises and challenges.

I’ll see you soon! 

Thursday, November 12th

This whole shoes-optional conference thing is great! It would be really nice to see everyone and everything in person. AND I miss the giveaways at the booths — I’ll admit it… 

A great Thursday lineup, here! I am managing my self care routine and taking breaks but it’s hard not to want to attend all the live stuff,  and try to watch the Q&As for others 🙂 at the same time. 

Hope you’re all having a great week! 


Thursday 11/12

ThA62Behavioral Operations

Networking Lounge

Keynote Thursday. The New Normal? COVID-19?s Impact on the Analytics Landscape & Developing Trends

Networking Lounge

ThB43. Recent Advances in Integer Programming

ThC16. Statistical Reinforcement Learning from Batch Data VISIT AWARDS HALL

Keynote Thursday. Rebooting Simulation for Big Data, Big Computing and Big Consequences

ThD07. Using Data Mining Techniques in Cybercrime Solutions


Wednesday, November 11 (updated)

Wow! Some really great conversations in the Networking Lounge! Really excited about the line up — I focusing on things where I want to be there for the Q&As with presenters, and then building my Playlist for the things I want to watch. Which is a lot — but I have 3-months!

Excited to get some good advice on publishing to peer reviewed journals at the Meet the Editors session— it has been great to build new research connections. I’m hoping that preceptive from the editors will provide some helpful tips for taking that research and publishing it. 

[Update] The Keynote from Yianni Gamvros was great! I think the there a big space for academic to dele more into quantum computing. It’s really an inspiring train of thought.  



I also stopped by the Exhibit Hall and scoped out the Booth. They look cool, and had so good promo material and resources. 





Wednesday 11/11

WA05. Big Data Analytics 2.

Networking Lounge

Plenary Wednesday. AI is the Right Term for Our INFORMS Profession.

Networking Lounge | OR/MS Tomorrow

WB29. MIF Paper Competition

WC08Meet the Editors.

Keynote Wednesday. Quantum Computing and Optimization.

WD34. Machine Learning meets Discrete Optimization


Tuesday, November 10

Check it out. I can officially cross off an item on my bucket list — now that I’ve had an article published in OR/MS Today!

What We Wish Application Engineers Knew About Analytics

Keynote coverage from the Virtual 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting

Here’s my Tuesday schedule

Tuesday 11/10

TA04Data Mining II.

Plenary. The Future of Federal Statistics and the Role of the Chief Statistician.

TB61Government Applications of Data Analytics and AI.

TC24Data-Driven Models and Algorithms VISIT CAREER FAIR

(DEV) 3:30-4:30 pm – Keynote: What We Wish Application Engineers Knew About Analytics – Simon Lee.

TD54Model uncertainty and robust stochastic optimization.

INFORMS Awards Ceremony


Monday, November 9

I was worried about the time-change while attending this year’s Annual Meeting — but the on-demand content structure is working out really well. I’ve been connecting with some colleagues here in India timezone (GMT+5:30) in the Networking Lounge – that’s been fun. 

This morning’s session on game theory was great! Nabiha Nasir Orpa, and Lichun Li’s paper on “Two-Player Zero-Sum Stochastic Bayesian Infinite Horizon Game”. The  approach to the challenges has some broad applications and cross over.

MA58Game Theory and Applications 1

Today’s plenary “Forecasting Models for the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Panel Discussion” was excellent. I liked hearing what Dr. Julie Swann had to say about the forecasting. 

Here’s how I spending the rest of my day (but first to the Networking Lounge ?):

12:30-1:45p Sessions TB07Drones for Healthcare and Humanitarian Operations I
2-3:15p Sessions MC62Behavioral Queueing Science VISIT FUN ZONE
3:30-4:30p Keynote Keynote: Optimization for Machine Learning: Insights and Challenges – Elad Hazan 
4:30-5:45p Sessions Plenary- Forecasting Models for the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Panel Discussion 
5:45-6:45p Business Meetings/ Awards MIF Student Poster Competition

Sunday, November 8 

I had a lot of fun poking around the Annual Meeting platform.  I’ll start my day at the Annual Meeting — Welcome and Opening Plenary: Sheldon Jacobson, Operations Research and Public Policy: Making a Difference. Dr. Jacobson always has a sharp take on the impact of the field.  

After that I’m checking out this poster session New Algorithms For Detecting Multi-effect And Multi-way Epistatic Interactions . I’m really interest to hear more about these epistatic interactions at the work at Iowa State University.

I’m closing my day with the Mentoring Happy Hour! I’m looking forward to connecting with more students and finding some guidance. 

Saturday, November 7

It was great to be a part of the Doctoral Student Colloquium. 

Excellent perpectives and representation from PhD candidates from different universities and countries — all preparing for an academic career. Great inspiration! 

About me

I’m 26, a PhD student at Fergusson College, Pune and I live in Maharashtra, India. Help me by answering a couple of questions, then keep scrolling to learn a little more about me.

Skill set
Presenting and Public Speaking, Research

Personal Goals 
I’m trying to find a work/life balance while building up the successful defense of my dissertation. After that and longer term, I hope to build an academic career and achieve a tenure position. Somewhere in there, I’ll try to find a girlfriend that likes to dance as much as I do.

2020 Annual Meeting Goals
I’m hoping to meet other students in the academic track and find a mentor. I want to position my research to have the maximum impact it can and lead to a great job at a top institution. I recognize that part of this is making good connections with people to collaborate with in the future and who can open pathways for me professionally. 

What’s hard right now?
Staying connected with family and friends while everyone has to be apart. It’s definitely harder to find peers that are on the same path as me and even harder to try to find a life partner. Zoom dates are their own special kind of awkward. I’m trying to keep off social media both to stay focused on my dissertation and stay out of family drama.

Favorite color
I have two – yellow and blue.

What do you always have with you?
An ink pen and a bike tool. It’s important to be able to fix a flat at any given moment.

Personal Motto
Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.

I enjoy cycling, video games, soccer, crosswords, dancing, stamp collecting, chess, cricket, and cooking.

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