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Annual Meeting Wrap Up

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. No sooner did #INFORMS2020 start have we hit our last day. I would day the goal of knowledge and networking has certainly been fulfilled.

If I had to guess, I would say I watched dozens of sessions and attended live Zoom’s for many of them. I attended keynote and plenary talks as well as the Member Meeting and Awards Ceremony. I spent a lot of time in the Networking Lounge and was able to nourish current relationships and establish new ones.

I had the opportunity today to go back and watch the presentation of the Wagner Prize winner, it was about product planning for agribusiness. It was fun to see someone in my same area of study win this prize. It gives me something to think about and a new goal to strive for as I go back to my studies. I feel like I was able to generate new ideas just by watching others present and seeing them excited about their work. I look forward to continuing my research and my studies in agriculture and supply chain as I work toward tenure.

I would still love to hear from other attendees about their experiences at #INFORMS2020. While the meeting is coming to a close, the content is still available to us for months and I would love to continue our networking offline. You can always reach me @gabbie_informs.

Until next time.

Annual Meeting Preview: Day 6

Thursday has come and gone, and we are looking ahead now to the last day of the 2020 INFORMS Virtual Annual Meeting.

Today was another day full of sessions and catching up on things I missed. The nice thing about the virtual factor is all the content is available on demand after it airs the first time. So instead of having to pick and choose what sessions I want to attend, I can attend them all. While they all aren’t live (I still have to pick those) I can still listen to all the content I want. So that’s what I spent today doing. After I attended the sessions on my schedule, I went back through and watched other sessions I was interested in from previous days.

As for tomorrow, I am going to start off with an early morning session called, Transportation Operation and Planning, the session covers things like car accidents, pick-up and delivery problems and evacuation planning. I’m going to miss AI for Decision Making, but plan to watch this one later. Later in the afternoon, I am going to attend one of the final keynotes, Underrepresentation in STEM: A Danger to the Health of the Nation. I can certainly relate to the title of this talk as a woman in an underserved community in a STEM field. I am very interested to see what the speaker has to say in regard to this. I plan to round out the meeting with a session that just peaked by interest called, Improving the Efficiency of Organ Allocation.

I’ll be sure as always to spend some time in the Networking Lounge before we close the book on this first virtual meeting. Stay tuned though, my blog doesn’t end here. I will provide a summary of the week and final thoughts in a most tomorrow.

Annual Meeting Preview: Day 5

Wednesday was a whirlwind. We are halfway through the INFORMS 2020 Annual Meeting. That’s hard to believe.

Today I attended more sessions centered around my areas of research and threw in a few others for good measure. I particularly enjoyed the session, Why Do Women Struggle to Climb the Corporate Ladder? Evidence from Retail Frontline Managers. Lauren (Xiaoyuan) Lu led the talk. She showcased her research and findings and showed that the gender gap in managerial roles is largely due to inequitable store assignment and when promotions are based on this alone it hinders women from advancement. If you have time to take a listen, it’s worth it! The INFORMS awards ceremony was a great way to end the day. It was great to see members being honored for their contributions to the field of O.R. and Analytics.

As for tomorrow, there is an interview at 10:45 with INFORMS President Pinar Keskinocak that I would like to attend. Following that I plan to attend both keynote presentations, the first by Linda Burch, The New Normal? COVID-19’s Impact on the Analytics Landscape & Developing Trends. This is of particular interest given the current environment of the pandemic. But also, health crises are always going to happen. It’s important to learn from other events to prepare better for the future. The second keynote is a reprise of the Edelman competition this year. We get a chance to hear from the winning team, Intel, on their project, Intel Realizes $25 Billion by Applying Advanced Analytics from Product Architecture Design through Supply Chain Planning. The Edelman is INFORMS’ biggest award and the teams always have incredible work to share to showcase how they have made major impacts in business using analytics.

It’s another full day of networking and knowledge. Don’t forget to keep popping into the Lounge to interact with other members and have a virtual cocktail!

Annual Meeting Preview: Day 4

Another day of the conference comes to an end. It’s crazy how fast the time goes by. I enjoyed the sessions I went to and did a lot of hopping around. The supply chain conversations were very informative. I also attended some sessions today for pure personal interest. My favorite? Learning When Reading: Evidence from An Online Mobile Reading Platform. It looked at how people learn while they read and the process of reading and what the reader goes through. If you’ve followed me at all this meeting, you know reading is a hobby of mine, so this session was just pure enjoyment. I also played around a bit in the fun zone. If you haven’t done the Snapbar photo booth, don’t miss it! The pictures of other members I’m seeing are great!

As for Wednesday, another big day on tap. I plan to start in Session wb28. Future of supply chains, I want to continue to focus in on my areas of expertise and how I can learn from other people’s research. Next, Session wb36. Topics in Resource Allocation has struck my interest, particularly the presentation on Fast Algorithms For Matching Markets Beyond Stability. Lastly, I plan to attend Session wc32. Socially and Environmentally Responsible Operations there is a talk here on perishable food supply chains, which is of interest to me as well as the presentation focusing on developing countries.

I also plan to make sure that I get to the INFORMS Awards Ceremony at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to honor other members for their achievements and learn more about members who are being featured for their hard work and dedication to the field. I plan to end my day in the Networking Lounge. Hopefully some folks from the awards ceremony will do the same thing so we can get to know some of the winners.

I hope everyone is enjoying the meeting so far!

Annual Meeting Preview: Day 3

Monday. What a day! I learned so much and got to meet so many wonderful people!

I started my day in the Networking Lounge and then popped around to several different sessions over the course of the day. I was very impressed and intrigued by the Plenary Panel Discussion: Forecasting Models for the COVID-19 Pandemic. Every panelist had such interesting perspectives on the pandemic and its impact and what’s ahead. Each member provided a different angle of thinking and brought something different to the table. If you haven’t seen it, I really recommend you taking a listen.

I also joined the session, Time Management and Staying Productive while Working Remotely. This talked about the changes to our work environments in the wake of COVID-19. It’s something a lot of people are dealing with. The session was sponsored by WORMS and the DEI Committee. I met several members I hadn’t before, and the panel was comprised of both people from academia and industry. This is another one I really enjoyed.

As for tomorrow—another full day on tap. Sessions on the list are Monitoring and Transparency in Supply Chains, an obvious choice based on my research interests. Secondly, the keynote presentation from UPS Prize Winner, Queens University Smith School of Business, called Building a World-Class Analytics Ecosystem. Prizes and awards are a big deal at INFORMS. It’s important to support those who are doing this amazing work. Next, a session called Advances in Supply Chain Optimization and lastly, Sustainability and Social Responsibility Issues in Global Supply chains. For this presentation I’m most interested in Mitigating Supply Chain Disruption: Designing Sustainable Networks Using Stochastic Programming. My focus is trying to find presentations that are related to my field of study, but to also venture into other things that I am interested in both professionally and personally so that I can make sure I’m hearing work across the INFORMS community.

Stay tuned for updates from me! As always, I want to hear from you! Tell me about your day—reach out to me on Twitter @gabby_informs.

Annual Meeting Preview: Day 2

Day one is officially in the books. It was a day full of knowledge and networking. Some of the highlights for me: The plenary with Sheldon Jacobson where he spoke about the election and gerrymandering, and the member meeting where we were able to get a feel for who the new executive director is and hear from INFORMS’ president.

As we look toward day two, I am pretty much hopping around from session to session. Hence, why I started off slow today. INFORMS meetings pack a punch and everyday gets busier! I start tomorrow with the plenary panel discussion. It is centered around COVID-19 which is obviously a hot topic. I’m sure we can all learn something that we can bring back to our respective homes. On this panel are some well-known INFORMS members including Julie Swann and Nicoleta Serban. The discussion is moderated by Anne Robinson. These are a few of the prominent women of INFORMS. As a woman in operations research, in a male dominated field, it’s important to support each other. Attending this plenary is one way I feel like I can do that.

As for the rest of the day, another policy session is on the agenda. This one focuses on sustainability and energy. These are too hot topics in Colombia. I want to see what I can learn and take and implement in my hometown. Following that I plan to attend a session called, Analytics for Public Needs and Safety, again, another good topic for my area. This is also a talk given by Ron McGarvey. He is a member I’ve come to know and respect. While some sessions you attend for pure value of the topic, others you attend to support fellow researchers in the field. This talk checks both boxes. A session happening at the same time is Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Supply Chains, this is right up my ally for my agriculture and supply chain work. I will be sure to pop over in time to hear the majority of this session. The question and answer portion will surely provide value as well.

Perhaps the session I am most looking forward to today, Agriculture Operations and Food Supply Chains, this pretty much sums up the work that I do in Colombia. I am anxious to hear what other researchers are doing in this space. I will wrap up the day with another agriculture related session on operations and food supply chains, I am looking forward to the section on Threshold Policies For Online Resource Allocation With Stochastic Resource Consumption.

I plan to wrap up my day in the Networking Lounge. I want to engage with other members and see what they did and what they’ve enjoyed so far. Maybe I’ll hear of a few things I missed and need to check out! Until tomorrow.

Annual Meeting Preview: Day 1

Day one is nearly upon us and I can’t wait to start this #INFORMS2020 journey with you. If you’re following along with me this meeting I will be posting daily with a look at my plans for the next day. If you choose to tag along with me great, if not, I would love to hear from you about what you liked and even didn’t like. Please share your experience with me @gabbie_informs.

As far as day one goes—I plan to prepare for the week by sleeping in. No early sessions for me! I want to make sure I keep up my stamina for the week! (Even though we’re not hiking around an amazing city.) I plan to start my day by hopping into the Networking Lounge before my first session to chat with other members. Networking is such a huge part of this meeting. You can meet other members from across the globe doing work in every area you can imagine. You just never know how you may end up collaborating or how a conversation could turn into a new idea.

My first session will be the opening plenary with Sheldon Jacobson. This session may not be in my typical wheelhouse, but I am interested in public policy and getting my research to a larger audience. With that said, Sheldon Jacobson is a standout INFORMS member and I guarantee everyone that attends will get something of value from his presentation, be that specific to the topic or not. With public policy in mind I also will attend the afternoon session of Diversity and STEM Policy Considerations for INFORMS Members.

Otherwise, I’ll be doing a bit of jumping around, there are several sessions I am interested in that happen at the same time. So I plan to start in Analytical Models for Capacity Building in Global Health and Humanitarian Operations, I really want to listen to Preparing The Humanitarian Supply Chain For Epidemic And Pandemic Response. Depending on how that goes, I may jump to Innovations in Teaching Operations and then Resilience against Wildfires: Challenges, Opportunities, Analytics and Decision Making. The good thing is, with this virtual meeting, all the content will be available on demand for three months. So, if I miss something, I can use extra time during the conference or after to catch up.

After I wrap up my sessions, I’ll head back to the Networking Lounge before attending the INFORMS Member Meeting. Afterward, a virtual cocktail is in order, because after all, if we were in person, the night of networking and conversation would only be just beginning. Cheers to day 1!

Welcome to my Annual Meeting journey!

We are a little over 2 days away until the start of the INFORMS Annual Meeting. I am so honored to share this journey with you. As an INFORMS member I’ve been to in-person meetings before, but this is a new experience for all of us. To help you along, I will be posting daily once the meeting starts with what I plan to attend for the day and why I’ve chosen it. Also, I’ll provide some insight on what I think of the meeting so far and hidden gems I’ve found that you should be sure to check out.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me on Twitter @gabbie_informs if you have a question or come across a neat presentation. I am at your disposal! My schedule will focus primarily on supply chain presentations and agriculture, but there are also a few on the list just for fun with some of my fellow members that are sure to have dynamite work to share. I hope to also make a difference here in Colombia using my work, so I plan to also tune in to the advocacy presentations. I hope to learn more about the work INFORMS does and how I can get involved. I encourage you to join me for those!

In the meantime, I am soaking up the beautiful colors of Antioquia, Colombia and climbing a few more mountains before it all begins. On Sunday, we begin a whole new journey of knowledge and networking. Rest up, the fun is only just beginning!

I’m 36 and I’m an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de Medellín in Colombia. Help me by answering a couple of questions, then keep scrolling to learn a little more about me.

Skill sets
Working in groups, detail oriented, leadership

Personal Goals
I would like to achieve tenure by my 40th birthday. In order to achieve this, I know I will need to publish several more papers in academic journals and present research at conferences within the next four years.

2020 Annual Meeting Goals
I think INFORMS has many outlets that can be useful to me and I want to be sure I am involved in all areas that can benefit me. I want to network with other professionals and learn about research being done in my field. I focus on agriculture and resource allocation. I want to know how others are using supply chain modeling to increase resource production in underserved communities.

I’m hoping to look into joining WORMS to find a community to connect with and find ways to get more involved with the larger O.R. community. I want to be engaged, productive, and useful to others.

What’s hard right now?
Being a woman in O.R. is a struggle in general, let alone a woman in O.R. in an area that is underfunded.

Favorite color
My favorite color is green.

Favorite thing to do with your time
I have a love for animals and volunteering my time at shelters and fostering animals.

What do you always have with you?
Paperclips! I fiddle with them when presenting or talking to new people to still my nervous energy.

Personal Motto
No hay peor ciego que el que no qiuere ver. (None are more blind than those who refuse to see.)

I like traveling, and hiking on weekends and on longer trips for vacations. My most recent hike was Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) trek on the Inca Trail and it was breathtaking! I also enjoy reading for fun outside of my research.

Gabriela stylized headshot

Join Me for 2020 Annual Meeting