Districting Talks at INFORMS

Over the past few years, I’ve become increasingly interested in districting problems, so I was pleased to see a dozen talks on the subject at this year’s INFORMS. They span multiple application areas: political districting, police zone districting, and liver transplant districting.

  • Sunday, October 20
    • Atlanta Police Zone Redesign via Data-Driven Optimization, Shixiang Zhu (SA32)
    • Multi-objective Optimization for Political Districting: A Scalable Multilevel Approach, Sheldon H. Jacobson (SB26)
  • Monday, October 21
    • Stochastic Districting Models, Stefan Nickel (MA57)
    • Redistricting in Virginia, Robert Hildebrand (MD58)
    • Contiguity Constraints in Geographic Districting, Douglas M. King (MD58)
    • Using Simulated Annealing to Maximize Compactness of Congressional Districts in South Carolina, Blake Splitter (MD58)
    • Transparency Vs Fairness in Political Redistricting, Rahul Swamy (MD58)
  • Tuesday, October 22
    • None.
  • Wednesday, October 23
    • Redistricting Liver Allocation: a Simulation-optimization Approach, Theodore Papalexopoulos (WA57)
    • Planning Relief Distribution After Disasters Considering Social Costs, Ruben Yie (WA21)
    • A Bisection Protocol for Political Redistricting, Ian G. Ludden (WC43)
    • Defining and Finding Impartial Districtings, Gerdus Benade (WC43)
    • Imposing Contiguity Constraints in Political Districting Models, Hamidreza Validi (WC43)