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Sponsored Cluster Chairs

Analytics Society

Aaron Burciaga

Applied Probability Society

Jing Dong
Columbia University

Jamol Pender
Cornell University

Artificial Intelligence

Wenjun Zhou
University of Tennessee

Auctions and Market Design

Robert Day
University of Connecticut

Aviation Applications

Chiwei Yan
Uber Technologies

Behavioral Operations Management

Michael Becker-Peth
Erasmus University

Lisa Yeo
University of California-Merced

Computing Society

Simge Kucukyavuz
Northwestern University

Merve Bodur
University of Toronto

Data Mining

Ali Dag
University of South Dakota

Decision Analysis Society

Christian Wernz
Virginia Commonwealth University

Allison Reilly
University of Maryland


Zhiling Guo
Singapore Management University

Min Chen
George Mason University

Yi-Chun (Chad) Ho
George Washington University

Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment

Harry Onal
University of Illinois


Luce Brotcorne

Benjamin Leibowicz
University of Texas


Felipe Andres Feijoo Palacios
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

ENRE/Environment and Sustainability

Zana Cranmer
University of Massachusetts


Jordi Garcia-Gonzalo
Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)

ENRE/Mining & Petrochemicals

Alexandra Newman
Colorado School of Mines

Dimitri Papageorgiou
ExxionMobile Research & Engineering


Agostino Capponi
Columbia University

Group Decision and Negotiation

Adiel Teixeira de Almeida
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

Gregory Kersten
Concordia University

Health Applications Society

Mark Van Oyen
University of Michigan

Hui Zhao
Pennsylvania State University

Information Systems

Yili Hong
Arizona State University

Elina Hwang
University of Washington

INFORMS Forum on Education

Michael Veatch
Gordon College

WIlliam Millhiser
Baruch College

Junior Faculty Interest Group

Ehsan Salari
Wichita State University

Location Analysis

Sibel Alumur Alev
University of Waterloo

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Hamed Mamani
University of Washington

Saed Alizamir
Yale University


Fernanda Bravo
UCLA-Anderson School


Yasin Alan
Vanderbilt University

Dan Iancu
Stanford University

MSOM/Service Operations

Srikanth Jagabathula
New York University

Song-Hee Kim
University of Southern California

MSOM/Supply Chain

Shiliang (John) Cui
Georgetown University

Jose Guajardo
University of California-Berkeley

MSOM/Sustainable Operations

Foad Iravani
University of Washington

Cerag Pince
Loyola University-Chicago

Military and Security

Brian J. Lunday
Air Force Institute of Technology

Minority Issues Forum

Karen Hicklin
North Carolina State University

Eduardo Perez
Texas State University

Trilce Encarnacion
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Multi Criteria Decision Making

Serpil Sayin
Koc University


Daniel Bienstock
Columbia University

Opt/Computational Optimization and Software

Dimitri Papageorgiou
ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Opt/Global Optimization

Georgina Hall

Opt/Integer and Discrete Optimization

Akshay Gupte
Clemson University

Opt/Linear and Conic Optimization

Somayeh Moazeni
Stevens Institute of Technology

Opt/Network Optimization

Jorge Sefair
Arizona State University

Opt/Nonlinear Optimization

Shiqian Ma
University of California – Davis

Opt/Optimization Under Uncertainty

Ruiwei Jiang
University of Michigan

Public Sector OR

Ronald McGarvey
University of Missouri

Jagpreet Chhatwal
Harvard Medical School and MGH

Quality, Statistics and Reliability

Eunshin Byon
University of Michigan

Railway Applications

Kiran Chahar
Norfolk Southern Corp.

Hadi Karimi
BNSF Railway Corp

Jason Sung
BNSF Railway Corp

Revenue Management and Pricing

Maxime Cohen
New York University

Amoud den Boer
University of Amsterdam

Daniela Saban
Columbia University

Service Science

Ming-Hui Huang
National Taiwan University

Simulation Society

Raghu Pasupathy
Purdue University

Social Media Analytics

Julie Zhang
University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Ted Allen
Ohio State University


Stephen Hill
University of North Carolina-Wilmington

Technology, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Philip Cornelius
Rotterdam School of Management

Telecommunications and Network Analytics

Austin Buchanan
Oklahoma State University

Abdullah Konak
Pennsylvania State University

Mauricio Resende

The Practice Section of Informs

Carrie Beam
Carrie Beam Consulting

Transportation Science and Logistics

Vikrant Vaze
Dartmouth College

TSL/Freight Transportation & Logistics

Justin Goodson
St. Louis Universit

TSL/Urban Transportation

Joseph Chow
New York University

TSL/Facility Logistics

Pratik J. Parikh
Wright University

Larry Snyder
Lehigh University

TSL/Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Alireza Khani
University of Minnesota

TSL/Air Transportation Planning and Modeling

Andrew Churchill
Mosaic ATM, Inc.

Women in O.R./MS (WORMS)

Maga Khachatryan