Vendor Workshops


Vendor Workshops take place on Sunday, December 11 at no additional charge.  

10:00am – 12:00pm 12:30pm – 2:30pm 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Emulate3D AnyLogic North America Arena Simulation Software /Rockwell Automation
MathWorks Applied Materials FlexSim
CreateASoft Frontline Systems


Morning Workshops, 10:00am-12:00pm

Emulate3D Product Spotlight
Sim3D Emulate3D has long been the trusted source in the space of material handling and manufacturing controls-testing and demonstration virtual reality modeling software. With our continually advancing physics engines, event engines, and simulation experimenting tools, our Sim3D products highlight the power of our progressive model building approach, dynamic component parameterization, and experiment management tools. A single material handling system model will be built from the ground up, and will have multiple experiments run against it, while collecting and collating performance feedback data into a familiar format for analysis. Input performance parameters will be designed into the experiment manager, to be adjusted per experiment, so we may measure the impact these specific variables may have on the performance of the entire modeled system.

Building Discrete Event Systems with MATLAB
Learn how to model discrete-event and hybrid systems using MATLAB. With a major update to our block diagram modeling and simulation environment, you can now use the MATLAB language within Simulink, SimEvents and Stateflow to author discrete-event systems. This workshop will provide an introduction to using the MATLAB language to customize and author discrete-event simulations. You will learn how to attach event action computations to SimEvents blocks for customizing basic discrete-event block diagrams. You will also learn how to create an entire system with entities, storage, and complex event handling with either an object-oriented MATLAB block or within a state chart in Stateflow. You will also learn how to build hybrid systems that integrate discrete-event systems with continuous and discrete-time systems.
Presented By: Teresa Hubscher-Younger, Wei Li, Will Campbell, and Ramamurthy Mani, MathWorks

Afternoon Session 1, 12:30-2:30pm

AnyLogic North America
A Journey Through the Latest Version
Take a journey through the newest version of AnyLogic including cloud capabilities and a NEW material handling library. The workshop includes comprehensive how-tos for features of the newest version.
Presented By:  Arash Mahdavi, Simulation Modeling Consultant

Applied Materials
The AutoMod product suite from Applied Materials has been used on thousands of projects empowering engineers and managers to make the best decisions. AutoMod’s material handling systems have increased modeling accuracy and ease-of-use. The next evolution of AutoMod is in progress ensuring that it will meet the needs of the simulation market for years to come. These advances have made AutoMod one of the most widely used simulation packages. AutoMod’s power lies in its performance, scalability and accuracy in detailed modeling of large and complex manufacturing, distribution, automation and logistic operations, leaving the competition behind. Come see why AutoMod has outlasted the competition and our exciting plans for AutoMod’s future through a fun and interactive session demonstrating AutoMod’s capabilities.

Real-Time Operational Optimization with Dynamic Schedule Optimization
CreateASoft presents SimTrack’s real-time operational optimization solution. When job priorities shift, equipment availability fluctuates, material quality and availability fluctuate, along with labor and material handling equipment not being 100% reliable, SimTrack provides a solution to get back on track and meet production targets. Web enabled dashboards provide a real-time view of the current state of the operation, historical reporting, and most importantly a look into the near-future of the operation. Potential delays, bottlenecks and inefficiencies are identified and presented to management with a number of suggestions which can be made to get back on target. These alerts can range from a simple message on a large display to real-time work instructions delivered directly to the work force.

Teaching Simio Benefits
Led By: David Sturrock

Why teach yesterday’s technology? Learn the benefits of teaching Simio! In order to provide the best possible education to your students, you need a tool that will provide the greatest benefits both now and after they graduate. That is why over 800 academic institutions worldwide use Simio! Come get a quick overview of Simio and learn how easy it is to make the transition! Simio’s versatility with supporting books and videos support teaching in engineering, business schools, manufacturing, healthcare and services. Simio offers grant programs, online training, workshops and a competition based on real business problems that will help give your students resume building experience.

Afternoon Session 2, 3:00-5:00pm

Arena Simulation Software/Rockwell Automation
Taking Advantage of the New Features in Arena v15

For more than 35 years, Arena has set the standard by which all other simulation products are compared. Arena is the most widely taught simulation tool in Academia and is used by more companies than any other competing product. In this session, we will present and discuss the new features of Arena v15 and how to make use of them to drive more value from your simulations.

FlexSim Software Products, Inc.
FlexSim’s simulation software products are easy to use and powerful — this combination makes FlexSim ideal for education. The range of capabilities and intuitive interfaces provide an effective platform for teaching simulation modeling and analysis in a wide variety of courses and disciplines. In addition, the software’s openness and powerful constructs provide a great foundation for research in many domains. This workshop will be led by Dr. Allen Greenwood, Professor of Engineering Management at Poznan University of Technology and Professor Emeritus at Mississippi State University. He and Dr. Mal Beaverstock will show how FlexSim is being used to teach simulation and operations in a variety of educational programs. They will also demonstrate its use as a core technology for operations research. This session is a tremendous opportunity for participants to engage in discussions to enhance simulation pedagogy and research through FlexSim.

Frontline Systems
Frontline Systems is democratizing analytics, enabling business analysts and managers to get results quickly — without expensive enterprise software and steep learning curves. See how easily you can solve simulation/risk analysis, optimization, forecasting and data mining problems, with just your browser, spreadsheet, or programming language — starting for free, and scaling up easily to the largest models. See Analytic Solver® for desktop Excel,, and our RASON® modeling language and REST API. Use our Solver and XLMiner® SDKs for C#, Java, C++, R and Python to create your own analytics applications. Find your fastest path to real analytics results.

New Innovations: Cloud Computing, Real-Time Scheduling, Healthcare, and More
Led By: Dennis Pegden and Renee Thiesing
Simio now leverages the cloud computing power of Microsoft Azure to support your most demanding applications; compatibility with Schneider Electric’s Wonderware to allow detailed production scheduling with real-time data and risk analysis; and healthcare and other capabilities in the services field. Outside our immense technology partner advances, we have great new features, application areas and capabilities! Come explore an overview of the new Simio experience and see why we are always “Forward Thinking.”

WSC Exhibit/Vendor Chair:  Jeffrey Smith, Auburn University