Thank you for agreeing to organize an Invited or Sponsored Cluster for the CORS/INFORMS
International Meeting –Montreal Canada 2015. We appreciate your vital contribution to the success of the meeting. Please review this important information before submitting your cluster.
Deadline for Abstract Submission: January 16, 2015

Please note: all attendees must register and pay the registration fee.
January 16 is the deadline for session information, including the presenting authors (speakers), paper titles, and abstracts. All clusters must achieve an average of 3.5 abstracts per sessions.


Before Going Online

The Process

1. Go to

2. At Cluster Chair Log-in

3. Cluster Chair Information

4. Cluster Information

Your Session Chairs will each receive an email message from you inviting them to present or confirming their participation in your cluster and providing submission instructions.


Please Note

The system instructs your Session Chairs to email you if they have special requests. These requests will often relate to scheduling. Please pass any scheduling requests along to and if a session chair needs to be removed and replaced by another please contact Paulette Bronis to make this change in the system.


Questions about the program or technology interface difficulties: Paulette Bronis at
By telephone: 800-446-3676 or 443-757-3500 ext. 590. Be sure to spell your last name and leave your phone number and message very clearly.