AMPL Optimization, Inc. (Table 4)
AMPL’s™ modeling language and system give you an exceptionally powerful and natural tool for developing and deploying the complex optimization models that arise in diverse applications. AMPL lets you formulate problems the way you think of them, while providing access to the advanced algorithmic alternatives that you need to find good solutions fast. It features an integrated scripting language for automating analyses and building iterative optimization schemes; access to spreadsheet and database files; and application programming interfaces for embedding within larg er systems. AMPL works with over 30 powerful optimization engines including all of the most widely used large-scale solvers.

CORS (Table 6)
The Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) will hold its 2016 Annual Conference in beautiful Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The conference will run Monday, May 30 to Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at the Banff Centre in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. CORS is the professional association for operations research and management science in Canada. Come present your research, make new connections, and enjoy the stunning mountain scenery and Canadian hospitality. Events include a reception and banquet. Tours of the area will be available. For more information, email

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Table 3)

The Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies is one of the three departments in the Faculty of Business, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to establishing an area of excellence in logistics, supply chain, and operations management. We would like to enhance and accelerate through the recruitment of ambitious, high-calibre candidates to join our academic team (click HERE). You are welcome to join our tea reception, which will be held on 15 June 2015 at 2pm and 5pm in the Executive Suite of Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel (click HERE). (Table 1)
Non-profit promotes standards for communicating uncertainties through arrays of data known as SIPs (Stochastic Information Packets). SIPs are: Actionable – may be used directly in Excel to perform thousands of Monte Carlo trials before your finger leaves the key using only the Data Table command. Additive – may be aggregated across platforms across the enterprise. Auditable – are represented as unambiguous data with provenance. Packages such as Crystal Ball, @Risk, Risk Solver, Matlab, R, and SAS may be leveraged through shared stochastic libraries using the open SIPmath™ standard. Visit for videos and Excel demo models.

Provalis Research (Table 2)
Provalis Research - Provalis Research is a leading developer of text analytics software with ground-breaking qualitative and quantitative analysis programs, such as QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-methods qualitative data analysis software; WordStat, a powerful add-on module for computer assisted content analysis and text mining; and Simstat, an easy yet powerful statistical software. One of the most distinctive features of these tools is their interoperability, allowing researchers to integrate numerical and textual data into a single project file and to seamlessly move back and forth between quantitative and qualitative data analysis, as well as to easily explore relationships between numerical and textual data.

Springer (Table 5)
Springer is one of the largest scientific publishing company in the world, with a portfolio of 4,000 new books per year and more than 1,200 journals including all areas of Mathematics. Springer’s Business & Management program touches upon various subject areas such as applied and scientific Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Operations Research and Business Information Systems. Visit the Springer booth and get further acquainted with an abundant selection of top-notch titles by award-winning authors and highly cited journals.