Practice Prize Competition

Each year the Canadian Operational Research Society conducts a competition on the practice of operational research to recognize the challenging application of the OR approach to the solution of applied problems. The main criteria considered in evaluating submissions are project impact on the client organization, contribution to the practice of O.R., quality of analysis, degree of challenge and quality of written and oral presentation.

There are two basic purposes behind the Competition, the first being the obvious one of recognizing outstanding O.R. practice. The other is to focus attention on O.R. and its applications by practitioners from Canada by attracting quality papers to the CORS National Conference.



Student Paper Competition

Each year the Canadian Operational Research Society conducts a student paper competition to recognize the contribution of a paper either directly to the field of operational research through the development of methodology or to another field through the application of operational research. The competition serves to showcase the high quality of OR education in Canada as well as the excellence of the new generation of operational researchers. Prizes are awarded in two categories: Undergraduate and Open.



2015 David Martell Student Paper Prize in Forestry

Organized by the CORS Forestry Special Interest Group, this award recognizes outstanding scientific contributions on the theory, methodology and/or practice of OR in forestry/forest products industry by an undergraduate, a graduate student or a postdoctoral. The award was named in honor of Professor Martell for his outstanding contributions to the development and application of OR in forestry in Canada as well as for his many contributions to the CORS.

The competition is for the best student paper published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the years 2013-2014 and no paper can be submitted more than once. At the time the paper was written, applicants should have been an undergraduate, a graduate student or a postdoctoral at a Canadian university or a Canadian studying in a university outside of Canada.

Applications will be judged by a three members committee chaired by Professor Martell (University of Toronto) together with Professors Mikael Rönnqvist (Université Laval) and Jean-François Audy (UQTR). At most three finalists will be announced in beginning of March 2015 and these must highly preferably be prepared to present their paper in a special session at the annual conference. Recommended guidelines for each finalist presentation are: 15 minutes presentation in front of the jury and conference attendees, following by a 15 minutes questions period during which the session chair must provide a priority to jury members. The winner will be announced at the banquet of the Society.

Thanks to the support from the NSERC Strategic Research Network on Value Chain Optimization (, the CORS conference registration fee of the finalists will be paid and the winner will receive a $300 award.

Submission deadline: Applicants should submit a copy of their paper by February 15th, 2015 and indicate whether they intends to be present or not at the annual conference. All applications and questions should be sent to the President of the Forestry Special Interest Group, Professor Jean-François Audy at: