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Submit a Presentation

Submit a presentation to be part of a session during the 2024 INFORMS Security Conference. Your presentation proposal should answer the listener’s basic questions:

“What will I learn from this session? What information/knowledge/ideas will I come away with?”

Please describe in detail what you will cover during your presentation.

Submit an Abstract

Topics Include:

  • Homeland Defense Track:
    • Terrorism and Homeland Security
    • Election and Voting Security
    • Immigration, Customs, Border Security
    • Law Enforcement and Domestic Security
  • National Security Track:
    • Defense, Military, and Intelligence Operations
    • Critical Infrastructure and Physical Security
    • Trade, Economic, and Financial Security
  • Medical and humanitarian Assistance Track:
    • Public Health and Healthcare Security
    • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
    • Food and Agricultural Security
  • Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Track:
    • Artificial Intelligence System Security
    • Cyber, Network and Systems Security
    • Data Privacy and Security
  • Supply Chain, Energy, and Transportation Track:
    • Supply Chain Resilience and Security
    • Power Systems and Energy Security
    • Transportation Security

Important Dates

Presentation Proposal Submission Deadline

May 15, 11:59pm EDT
For Contributed and Invited Proposals.

Speaker Registration Deadline

June 1, 11:59pm EDT
If a speaker is not registered by June 1, 2024, they will be notified that their presentation will be removed from the program. 

Proposal Guidelines (Size/Length)

Presentation proposals have a maximum length of 750 characters (approximately  70 words). Titles have a maximum length of 150 characters.

  • Letters, numbers, and *common math symbols accepted.
  • All proposals must be in English.
  • Do not include title or author information in the body of your abstract.

Review your presentation proposal and check for typographical and spelling errors, coherence. Proposals will be published exactly as entered if accepted.

*Use only “text pad” when entering math symbols.

Submit Early!

Contributed Presentations

If you wish to contribute a proposal and have NOT received an invitation from a Session Chair, submit your proposal for contributed presentation. Submitters will be notified of acceptance by the end of May.

Invited Presentations

Presenters will be notified by email to submit their individual proposals after the Session Chair has submitted the session. If you have not received an invitation to submit from a Session Chair, you will not be able to login through the system.

Session Chairs

Session Chairs will be notified by email to submit any missing information once the session title has been submitted. Please note if you are chairing more than one session you may receive more than one email. Please retain this information as it will be your access to the system.

Session Entry Deadline

May 15, 11:59pm EDT
Session Chairs must enter Presenters by this date. Applies to Session Chairs Only.

If you have not received an invitation to submit from a Chair, you will not be able to log in through the system as a Session Chair.