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Conference Tracks

Healthcare Analytics and Machine Learning Contributed by researchers with expertise in healthcare analytics and machine learning (and featuring a session (FA09) on Smart and Connected Health)

Healthcare Operations Management Features state-of-the-art research in healthcare operations management with a focus on healthcare decision analytics and operations

COVID-19 Epidemiology, Health Economics, and Outcomes Modeling Highlights work on COVID-19 epidemiology and supply chain issues

Mental Health and Substance Use as Public Health Crises  Features talks that showcase the efforts of our community in combating the mental health and substance misuse crises

Global Health and a Sustainable Planet HAS Bonders Scholars talk about their applied OR/MS research in healthcare (WC08), plus other excellent work focused on healthcare operations

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Systems Engineering and Health Analytics Features applied OR/MS and analytics methods to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues (and also includes talks from the Public Sector OR section)

Healthcare Policies Features state-of-the-art research in healthcare operations management with focus on COVID-19 response and organ transplantation policies

Healthcare Quality and Safety Highlights COVID-19 modeling with additional sessions on healthcare quality and safety

Applied Probability Society (APS) An Applied Probability Society-sponsored track that highlights data-driven modeling and analytics

MSOM/MAS Healthcare Includes the topics of data analytics, empirical research, health policy, the pharmaceutical supply chain, and COVID-19

Healthcare Logistics and Supply Chain Management during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond Highlights talks on healthcare logistics and supply chain management for addressing the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthcare Operations Contributed by researchers with expertise in healthcare operations management

Health Applications Society (HAS) A Health Applications Society-sponsored track featuring presentations (WA03) made by the HAS Student Paper Competition finalists, the finest young talents in our community

Machine Learning Applied to Healthcare Features research in causal inference and machine learning applied to healthcare (plus two sessions on eHealth and telehealth)