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Venue & Travel

The 2024 INFORMS Annual Meeting will take place at the Seattle Convention Center.

Summit, 900 Pine Street
Seattle, Washington, 98101, United States

Book A Room Now

Hotel rooms within the INFORMS room block are for INFORMS Annual Meeting registrants only. INFORMS will regularly review the hotel reservations list and notify people found holding duplicate reservations or reservations without a corresponding Annual Meeting registration. Any guests who are not registered for the Annual Meeting and book a room within the block will have their reservation cancelled without further notice.

For assistance, kindly contact us by calling: 1-443-453-0168 (International) or 1-855-849-8684 (North America) or emailing

Why Should Attendees Book with the Room Block for the INFORMS Annual Meeting?

Booking a room at one of our host hotels not only benefits you, the attendee; it also supports INFORMS. When you “book within the block,” you help INFORMS to keep meeting costs as low as possible and enables us to provide some of the important features meeting attendees have come to enjoy, such as the General Reception, the Exhibit Area coffee hours, etc.

Outside Travel Vendors

Please note, we do not work with outside travel vendors and if you are contacted separately by a company stating they are the official travel vendor for INFORMS or the INFORMS Annual Meeting, this is a scam. These groups are NOT affiliated with INFORMS in any capacity. For your own protection, we ask that you exercise caution when making your hotel and travel arrangements. Unofficial vendors cannot provide the same benefits and protection that booking through our housing portal does. INFORMS only guarantees sleeping room rates or availability during the event dates for reservations made directly through our INFORMS hotel portal.

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