WSC 2017 Golf Tournament/Outing

The WSC Golf Tournament/Outing will be on Saturday, Dec. 2 and will be held at the Palm Valley golf course in Summerlin. The event will start at 10:00 a.m. We\’ll play an 18-hole round and have a late lunch in the clubhouse. The course is about 6 miles from the Red Rock and I\’m sure several people will have vehicles. Once we have the roster, I\’ll try to coordinate transportation.

The cost will be $65 (+ $35 if you want to rent clubs). Lunch and/or on-course beverages are not included in the price.

If you want to play, contact Jeff Smith and he will put you on the list. To confirm, you\’ll need to send him a check in advance so that he can pay the course. We have 20 slots, so we’ll take the first 19 confirmed players. If you have an official handicap, include it in the email. If not, no worries. If there is somebody or a specific team that you would like to play with, include that in the email also.

At this point, we\’re not sure what the specific event format will be — that will depend on how many players we get and their respective skill levels. However, rest assured that we will put together a fun event for all!

Note that the tournament is not officially sponsored by WSC — it\’s just a get-together for interested attendees!