Vendor Workshops


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The AnyLogic Company
Monday, December 14
1-2:30pm CT

AnyLogic: The Simulation Platform for Applied AI
Presented by: Arash Mahdavi, AI Program Lead, AnyLogic North America and Tyler Wolfe-Adam, Simulation Modeling Specialist, AnyLogic North America

In this workshop, we will discuss how you can leverage unique AI features of AnyLogic simulation to solve your business challenges. We will discuss different categories of how simulation and AI intersect: generating synthetic data, reinforcement learning, and embedding ML models within simulation models. We will demonstrate a variety of ways to implement these areas, such as Auto-RL and Auto-ML platforms (Microsoft Project Bonsai, Pathmind, Driverless AI), add-on Python connector libraries for AnyLogic (ALPyne and Pypeline), and AnyLogic Cloud APIs.

Simio Simulation & Scheduling Software
Monday, December 14

The Simio Digital Twin & Digital Transformation. Bring Digital Twins to life with Artificial Intelligence (featuring PathMind), Industrial IoT, and cloud connectivity
Presented by: Simio Staff

Faced with an evolving business landscape and increasing levels of uncertainty, an organization’s ability to gain insight into real-time operational processes and leverage data is pivotal to developing successful business strategies. Simio invites you to take a deep dive into the digital transformation of manufacturing processes and how Simio simulation modeling and operational Digital Twins can help you make better decisions, optimize operations, and drive growth.

We will introduce the new features of Simio Software and discuss our partnership with SAP, PTC Kepware, Microsoft, and MxD. We are also looking forward to hosting an interactive discussion with PathMind, our co-development partners, bringing their application of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) and AI algorithms to Simio-based solutions. DRL brings additional intelligence to optimize decision making while managing different objectives, multiple simultaneous decisions, and operational variability. Come experience digital transformation and why Simio is always “Forward Thinking”.

The AnyLogic Company
Tuesday, December 15
1-2:30pm CT

The Market Leader in Solving Various Business Challenges
Presented by: Arash Mahdavi, AI Program Lead, AnyLogic North America and Jeffrey Wirtz, Program Support Specialist, AnyLogic North America

Multi-method (hybrid) modeling is now a mainstream approach that has been used in thousands of impactful projects across a variety of businesses. AnyLogic has been the champion of multi-method modeling and continues to be the only software that provides true hybrid modeling capabilities without artificial constraints and scalability limitations. Aside from providing all three simulation paradigms in one package, AnyLogic also has several vertical libraries for specific applications and industries. In this workshop we will discuss how you can leverage the unique features of AnyLogic simulation to solve your business challenges. We will demonstrate application of simulation in various domains such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Railway, Oil and Gas, Pedestrian movement, and Road Traffic.

In addition to demonstrating AnyLogic’s unique capabilities to build elegant, multi-method (hybrid) models, we will also showcase some of the new and innovative tools and functionalities that have been added to AnyLogic’s model building toolbox in the past year.

Rockwell Automation
Tuesday, December 15

Applications of Arena Simulation in a Pandemic
Presented by: Nancy Zupick & Melanie Barker

This presentation will provide an overview of how Arena has been applied to address the issues surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Advanced planning, work restrictions and reductions in product demand have  impacted how many organizations are conducting business.  This workshop will address how some of our customers have addressed these issues and how features within Arena have allowed them to plan appropriately.

Simio Simulation & Scheduling Software
Wednesday, December 16

Online Teaching of Simulation, Industry 4.0, and Digital Transformation
Presented by: Dave Sturrock

Its hard enough to teach simulation in a classroom environment. Teaching it online and maybe even in a “flipped” environment doubles the challenges. And now simulation-based technology is quickly evolving in support of Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Scheduling, and Supply Chain Planning and Execution. Find out how to address all these “opportunities” at once and get up to speed quickly – you could be teaching this next semester!

Wednesday, December 16

The Pathmind Solution: How to Harness Reinforcement Learning to Solve Complex Problems
Presented by: Johnny Davenport, PhD: Reinforcement Learning Scientist; Sahar Esmaeilzadeh: Simulation Engineer; Brett Göhre: Reinforcement Learning Scientist

Pathmind is a decision support platform that enables users to solve complex, dynamic problems with reinforcement learning (RL).  In the first section of this workshop, we will introduce Pathmind and RL. We will show representative use cases where Pathmind drastically improves key performance indicators such as profitability compared to baseline optimizers and heuristics. We will focus on three use cases: Supply Chain, Automated Guided Vehicle Routing and Equipment Maintenance.

In the second segment, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to adapt simulations for RL, train an intelligent Pathmind policy, and test its performance. Attendees will adapt two models: an introductory Bass Diffusion marketing model, and a complex Field Service model. We will connect RL theory from the first segment to Pathmind features in the second segment. Having completed this workshop, attendees will understand why RL outperforms in the face of variability, and how to use Pathmind as a bridge between flexible simulation software and revolutionary AI technology.

Applied Materials
Wednesday, December 16

CIM Solution Workshop
Presented by: Stephen Mulvey and Dan Muller, Applied Materials

The Applied Materials SmartFactory® software is the most comprehensive control and productivity suite in manufacturing. It is powered by technologies that are widely proven and deeply mature in high volume factories worldwide. Applied SmartFactory senses factory activity, decides and predicts next actions, and initiates resolution. Our customers are increasing yield and product output, reducing cycle times and costs, and increasing profitability.

Come learn more about our products, solutions, and integrated architecture that enable companies to make better planning and manufacturing decisions. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Common Data Model platform for integrated solutions
  • Virtual models development to analyze, Predict and Optimize Operations
  • Conducting High-speed “What-if” scenarios for Demand, Capacity, Cycle Time, Dispatching Rules Validation And More
  • Integrated approach for Planning, Dispatching and Scheduling solutions to drive factory decisions
  • 3D modeling to analyzing complex material handling requirements including equipment and layout configuration, decision logic, and overall system performance in logistic, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Come learn why Applied Materials software is the product of choice for leading high tech companies.