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Networking Opportunities

An invaluable part of every INFORMS Analytics Conference are opportunities to meet, interact, and connect with fellow attendees to help build professional relationships that last long beyond the actual conference. This year’s meeting will be no different, including unique features enabling one-on-one video and text chats, topical chat rooms, face-to-face “Birds of a Feather” groups, Q&As, and more, to forge these relationships over the internet rather than over a cocktail.

Download the Networking Quick Guide

Birds of a Feather Solve Problems Together

To make the most of networking during the virtual event, INFORMS is excited to announce Birds of a Feather Networking groups. These informal gatherings of like-minded individuals are great outlets for attendees to discuss specific topics without a preplanned agenda.

Connections made here will likely be the most valuable of the conference. Simply put, these are your people.

You can join the Birds of a Feather Networking groups by clicking on them in the Agenda in the meeting platform. These groups are limited to 40 people at a time.

Monday, 5:15-6:15pm

Decision & Risk Analysis
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Revenue Management
Supply Chain
Women in ORMS

Tuesday, 11am-12noon

COVID Challenges
Machine Learning & AI
Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Public Sector

Wednesday, 9-10am

CAP & aCAP Congress 
Emerging Analytics
Life Sciences