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Track: Revenue Management & Pricing

Integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into Pricing and Revenue Management

Monday, April 12, 3:35-4:15pm EDT

To prepare for its next 100-year journey, Hilton has committed to building a leading force in Data and Analytics by standing up its first Operations Research and Data Science team. The availability and advancement of data processing and compute resource have fueled the team’s ability to bring values to the business. We will share the first efforts in our journey to combine traditional Operations Research approaches with the power of ML/AI that would enable data-centric predictive and prescriptive decision making. A couple of use cases, contributions, and challenges will be discussed to illustrate how Operations Research has changed and challenged the way business decisions were made traditionally.

Aang Daniel image

Aang Daniel

Aang Daniel

Sr. Director of Data Science at Hilton

Dr. Daniel is an Operations Research practitioner who has brought cutting-edge technology innovations to improve organizations’ fundamentals.

Dr. Daniel currently serves as Senior Director of Data Science at Hilton leading a high performance Analytics Delivery team. He previously served as Director of Operations Research and Revenue Analytics Technology at Starwood Hotels and Resorts, as well as Manager of Operations Research group at CitationAir, a Cessna company. He has proven his ability to manage world-class Data Science and Analytics teams and to deliver successful multi-million dollar analytics projects. His prior experience as an IT Strategy and Management Consultant provided him with solid comprehension on how to bring new technology innovations to answer business problems.

Dr. Daniel holds a Ph.D in Operations Research from Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Finance.