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Track: Life Sciences

Role of Network Analysis and Monte-Carlo Simulation in Target Profile Research in Pharmaceuticals

Wednesday, April 14, 11-11:40am EDT

The Target Product Profile (TPP) is a concise communication tool designed to demonstrate what is required for success in a future marketplace. It is a simple document that embeds future market needs that consider critical external stakeholders and ensures that we develop medicines with a specific advantage. Teams invest significant time and resources in collecting external stakeholders’ perspectives through primary research, typically in in-depth interviews with clinicians. These interviews help define minimal thresholds of success and establish desired endpoints for differentiation in a clinical development program. The parameters of success established early in a clinical program tend to evolve, requiring teams to revalidate assumptions about the future marketplace needs. Network analysis that assimilates publicly available external aggregate clinical trial results combined with Monte-Carlo simulation into a predictive model allows for analysis of compounds in a future marketplace. Network analysis of aggregated clinical trial results can offer additional guidance to teams before these teams invest in collecting external stakeholders’ perspectives through primary research.

Anshuman Panigrahi image

Anshuman Panigrahi

Anshuman Panigrahi

Director, Analytics Excellence at Johnson and Johnson

Anshuman is a Director responsible for driving functional excellence in market research and forecasting at Janssen, Pharmaceuticals Division of Johnson and Johnson. He leads enterprise planning processes such as Long-Range Financial Plan and R&D valuation in the Global Commercial Strategy Organization. He is also responsible for Market Research initiatives that introduce innovative methodologies and help teams maintain best-in-class market research capabilities. With dual degrees in Healthcare Management and Operations Research, Anshuman is certified as a market research professional. With 20+ years’ experience in the Pharma Industry, Anshuman has held several positions of increasing responsibility in Market Research, Forecasting, and Strategic Business Analysis. In those roles, Anshuman led insights generation and advanced analyses across multiple therapeutic areas in partnership with Finance, BD&L, and New Products Commercialization teams.

Expertise: Forecasting, Market Research, Analytics and Data Science applications.