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Track: INFORMS Prizes & Special Sessions

Practitioners and the INFORMS Analytics Capability Evaluation (ACE) Program

Wednesday, April 14, 2:00-2:40pm EDT

Organizations seeking to gain competitive advantages or operational efficiencies can do so by improving their ability to turn data into information, and information into meaningful and actionable insights. But for those decision makers in the organization, how can they be sure where their analytic capabilities are competitive and where they are weak and need maturation? INFORMS helps organizations accomplish this through an Analytics Maturity Model that can be paired with Analytics Capability Coaches to help them more effectively assess their current state of analytics maturity and to establish viable benchmarks to improve their analytics capabilities over time. In this session, learn how INFORMS’ analytics capabilities offerings are being delivered from a trusted non-profit professional society via a neutral framework and unbiased analytics experts.


Dave Saranchak image

Dave Saranchak

Dave Saranchak

Research Fellow and the AI & ML Program Lead at Concurrent Technologies Corporation

David Saranchak is a Research Fellow and the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Program Lead at Concurrent Technologies Corporation. He serves as the President Elect of MORS and is also an active member volunteer in INFORMS. He is a Certified Analytics Professional and an Analytics Capability Evaluation coach focused on helping organizations achieve improved performance of analytical processes.

Mr. Saranchak has more than a dozen years of technical civil service experience as an Applied Mathematician and Software Engineer, including assignments to the UK and Canada and long-term deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. His passion for World War II history motivated him to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. While serving, he obtained two BS degrees, mathematics and physics, from Villanova University. He also earned two MS degrees, applied mathematics and telecommunications, from the University of Maryland, College Park.