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Monday, April 15, 2024, 3:40-4:30pm

Inclusive Workplaces: What Do They (or Should They) Look Like for the Analytics & ORMS Industry?

The panel brings together individuals who represent various INFORMS forums, including Minority Interest, Military Veterans, Pride, and Women in ORMS. The panelists will share their experiences and thoughts on how diverse, inclusive, and equitable the workplaces in the analytics and ORMS industry are and could be. The panel discussion will highlight ways for us to create a more interconnected and inclusive professional community.

Elena Gerstmann headshot

Moderator: Elena Gerstmann

Executive Director at INFORMS
Shannon Browning headshot

Panelist: Shannon Browning

Technical Lead for Analytics at Haskell
Afi Harrington headshot

Panelist: Afi Harrington

 Director of the Division of Evaluation and Analytics at the Food and Drug Administration
Emmy Smith headshot

Panelist: Emmy Smith

Senior Manager, Partner Intelligence at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Nick Ulmer headshot

Panelist: Nick Ulmer, CAP

Principal Operations Research Analyst at CANA LLC
Bill Christian headshot

Panelist: William Christian

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder at Paygevity