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Rising Analytics Professionals Workshop

A workshop designed especially for those new to the analytics profession, including students and those transitioning careers. Sessions include a soft-skills workshop, followed by a panel of professionals at different stages of their careers who will lend their insights on how you can excel in your analytics journey. Registration not required but encouraged.

Soft Skills: Beyond the Elevator Speech

Patricia Randall headshot

William Christian

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder at Paygevity

Get ready to take your communication skills to the next level! Join us for an engaging and interactive 1-hour session where you’ll learn how to go beyond the basics and master meaningful communication as an analytics professional. In this dynamic workshop, you’ll discover:

  • Practical techniques for engaging and connecting with diverse stakeholders.
  • Effective ways to communicate complex mathematical concepts with clarity and confidence.
  • Tips for handling challenges, objections, and difficult questions with poise and professionalism.
  • Interactive exercises and role-plays to put your new skills into practice in a supportive environment.

Whether you’re presenting your research, collaborating with colleagues, seeking funding for your projects, or on the job market, this workshop will equip you with the tools and confidence you need for communication success. Register now and unlock your potential as an analytics professional!

Career Panel Discussion

Carol DeZwarte headshot

MODERATOR: Carol DeZwarte

CAP, Data Science Leader

Warren Hearnes headshot

PANELIST: Warren Hearnes

Former Chief Data Scientist at
Best Buy

Josh Hoskinson headshot

PANELIST: Josh Hoskinson

Data Scientist at Chevron

PANELIST: Louis Luangkesorn

PANELIST: Louis Luangkesorn

Lead Data Scientist at Highmark Health

PANELIST: Heather Moe

PANELIST: Heather Moe

Principal Product Engineer at ESRI

PANELIST: Shannon Shang

PANELIST: Shannon Shang

Manager, Data Analytics at Enovation Controls

PANELIST: Emily Velez

PANELIST: Emily Velez

Associate Data Scientist at The Home Depot