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What’s New for 2024?


April 3: Optimizing Your Experience: Tips for Job Seekers at the 2024 INFORMS Analytics Conference

Are you looking for an analytics job? The INFORMS Analytics Conference is a great place to advance your job search. Learn how to attend the conference as a job seeker and make the most of your time in Orlando. This webinar will provide advice on how to prepare for the conference, what to bring, how to plan your time, how to schedule your days, and most importantly, how to network. The conference is full of analytics professionals who could potentially be your next employer or be a connection to a job. Learn tips on how to have productive conversations to unlock opportunities and make connections. Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare yourself for career success before, during and after the conference.

April 9: Navigating Your First INFORMS Analytics Conference

Are you gearing up for your first INFORMS Analytics Conference or just feel like you could use some guidance on how to navigate this action-packed event?

Join us for an exclusive webinar tailored specifically for first-time attendees! Our host and 2024 INFORMS Analytics Conference Chair, Kathryn Walter, CAP, will provide essential information and tips to make the most of your conference experience.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • An overview of the conference activities Sunday – Tuesday
  • Tips for selecting workshops and sessions that align with your career level, interests and goals, including mapping out your schedule through the mobile app
  • Insights on making the most of the conference’s resources, such as pre-conference events, resume review, exhibit hall, and networking activities
  • Strategies for effective networking, including finding out who is attending ahead of time and how to connect with them through INFORMS Connect and the conference app
  • How INFORMS-wide prizes and awards highlight and celebrate meritorious achievement each year through the Wagner Prize, INFORMS Prize, UPS George D. Smith Prize, Edelman Award Competition, and the brand-new Early Career Practitioner Award
  • What the Edelman Gala is and why you should plan on attending this prestigious event on Monday evening
  • Opportunities for engagement beyond the conference, including joining INFORMS communities

Whether you’re a student, early-career professional, or seasoned practitioner, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the conference with ease. Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to kickstart your INFORMS Analytics Conference journey and set yourself up for success.

Sunday, April 14

  • Resume ReviewsPre-scheduled Sunday appointments with seasoned professionals.
  • Blueprint for CAP Success in Analytics Conference Sessions: How to strategically plan which sessions to attend
  • Rising Analytics Professionals Workshop
    • A workshop designed especially for those new to the analytics profession, including students and those transitioning careers. Sessions include a soft-skills workshop, followed by a panel of professionals at different stages of their careers who will lend their insights on how you can excel in your analytics journey. Registration not required but encouraged.
  • Advanced Analytics Professionals Panel Discussion, with:
    • Neil Nanisetty, Lead Data Scientist at NBC Universal Orlando Parks &  Resorts
    • Wei Yuan, Manager, Decision Science, The Walt Disney Company
    • Melanie Barker, Simulation Software Consultant, Rockwell Automation
    • Patricia Randall, Director, Princeton Consultants

      An interactive forum to address the career needs of those that have been in the workforce for a couple of years but are not yet at an executive-level. Hear from professionals who have just advanced into a mid-career position, those settled in the position, and those transitioning out. Learn about their career progression, portfolio needed for advancement, and other ways to grow your network.

Monday, April 15 & Tuesday, April 16

  • New tracks:
    • The Analytics Ecosystem
      • Analytics projects have many moving pieces beyond the models themselves. In this track, we discuss infrastructure, data delivery, data governance, and the rest of the analytics tools and technology stack which support data projects. By using the right kinds of tools and technologies, we can help analytics projects be more reliable and successful. During this track, industry leaders will explain how engineering, architecture, and data delivery through visualization or other applications complement the models that drive decisions. This track provides a robust survey of the analytics ecosystem.
    • Business Administration
      • In the age of digital technology, internal operations within organizations have come a long way. From transitioning from paper to computer systems to using those system for more detailed analysis to furthering the analysis with machine learning and artificial intelligence; the Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance functions have come a long way. Industry leaders will talk about the new age in which organizations are making data-driven decisions using analytical modeling and decisions science approaches to further internal operations.
    • Game Theory & Strategy
      • Game theory is used to help produce the ideal decision given a set of constraints and the potential actions of other participants in the “game.” Some games have two parties with similar goals that are close to zero sum (such as sports) where some can involve more parties with the idea of multiple parties coming out ahead (business deals and international trade). This track has applications ranging from determining whether to enter a new market, creating an advertising strategy, or deciding whether to “Go for 2” in the fourth quarter of a football game. This track will go through different scenarios in which analytics enhances game theory and strategic decision-making.
  • Panel – Inclusive Workplaces: What Do/Should They Look Like for the Analytics & ORMS Industry?
    The panel brings together individuals who represent various INFORMS forums, including Minority Interest, Military Veterans, Pride, and Women in ORMS. The panelists will share their experiences and thoughts on how diverse, inclusive, and equitable the workplaces in the analytics and ORMS industry are and could be. The panel discussion will highlight ways for us to create a more interconnected and inclusive professional community.
    Moderator: Elena Gerstmann, INFORMS
    Panelists: Shannon Browning, Haskell; Afi Harrington, U.S. Food & Drug Administration; Emmy Smith, AWS; Nick Ulmer, CANA; Bill Christian, Paygevity
  • Panel – Veterans in Analytics: Bridging Perspectives for Success
  • Session on Public Affairs & Advocacy in the Analytics Landscape
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Prep Sessions:
    • CAP Summit
    • Overview of the CAP Program
    • Practice Exam Question session