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Kristin Saling headshot

Colonel Kristin Saling

Colonel Kristin Saling

Acting Director, Innovation Directorate
United States Army Recruiting Command
Keynote Speaker

FROM DATA TO ACTION: The Building Blocks of a Data-Driven Ecosystem

“The best analytics not used are the worst analytics.”

In this data and AI obsessed world, organizations are learning they can’t buy their way into modernization with large data sets and tools. Instead, we have to create the entire analytic ecosystem – processes, policies, platforms, and most importantly, people.

Colonel Kris Saling will provide insights from her years working on Army talent management and managing the Army’s data talent to discuss building blocks, relationships, and dependencies within the data ecosystem critical for success.

Her keynote will demonstrate, through real-world use-cases and future work in the Army Human Capital Enterprise, the journey of data from collection to action in a way that ties together the increasing need for quality, model-ready data, an empowered and skilled data workforce, and a data-savvy consumer base of decision makers ready to effectively translate insights into action.

Whether you’re leading an analytic team, managing projects, creating and designing your organization’s digital transformation, or strategizing at the enterprise level, Kris’s examples, insights, and analyst war stories will help you drive change in your organization, and make your analytics the ones that used, and the ones that effect change.