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Shaun Doheney headshot

Shaun Doheney, CAP

Shaun Doheney, CAP

Senior Analytics Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Track: INFORMS Special Sessions

An Overview of the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Program

Are you thinking about earning an analytics or data science certification but wondering if it’s worth it? While not all certifications are created equal, those seeking to showcase their professional competency or convey a sense of credibility and prestige should not underestimate the importance of getting certified. For analytics and data science professionals who want to distinguish themselves in the workforce, the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification provides an independent verification of the critical technical expertise and soft skills sought by employers across all organizations and industry sectors. For organizations seeking to gain competitive advantages or operational efficiencies through analytics and data science, the CAP certification serves as a trusted means to identify, recruit, and retain top analytics talent. Join us during this session to learn more about the CAP program and how to start your own CAP journey, to include reviewing the application process, CAP exam study tips, test-taking strategies, and more.

Certified Analytics Professional Exam (CAP) Practice Exam Question Session

During this session, we will review sample test questions for the Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) exam associated with each of the CAP Job Task Analysis domains. These sample test questions were developed by subject matter experts in the analytics field and are intended to familiarize certification candidates and potential certification candidates with the format of the questions that appear on the actual CAP exam. They are also intended to provide a sample of the content (knowledge and skill) assessed by the CAP exam. While the questions reviewed during this session are not intended to serve as a self-assessment instrument or to predict success or failure on the CAP exam, they mimic the tone and tenor of the questions on the actual exam and will help attendees to better prepare for the CAP exam.