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Tom Koulopoulos headshot

Tom Koulopoulos

Tom Koulopoulos

Author, Futurist & Leader
Keynote Speaker

Embracing the Revolution: Harnessing the Transformative Power of Data Science and Analytics in the Era of AI

In this inspiring Tour-de-force keynote, Tom will draw on the research and insights from his latest book, Gigatrends, to delve into the profound impact of data science and analytics on the evolving landscape of an increasingly AI and data-driven world. He will explore how unimaginable increases in the size of the datasphere will be at the core of reshaping the way businesses operate and make decisions using AI. 

From the emergence of frictionless digital business ecosystems to the potential of data analytics to revolutionize healthcare, to intelligent supply chains, to how we will use data and AI to address global challenges, he will uncover unprecedented opportunities for innovation and collaboration between humans and digital workers. 

Through real-world examples, humor, and insight you will see how you are part of this dynamically changing landscape of the future and can help our society harness the full potential of data science and analytics to drive meaningful change in the world.

Join us as we navigate the forefront of the digital revolution and unlock the limitless possibilities of data-driven transformation.