Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I find information about the new US travel policy?
  2. I’ve already registered for the virtual conference, can I change my registration to attend in person?
    Yes! Please complete this form to change your registration. Changes can be made until November 29.
  3. Is it possible to change my in-person paper presentation to virtual?
    No. The online program is full and cannot accept any additional papers. However, as every presentation has to submit a 15 minute video, even if you cannot participate in person, the presentation will become part of the conference and can be assessed by all conference participants. We have very limited availability in the online program to accept any additional papers. If your participation in the in-person conference has been impacted by company or country travel restrictions, please provide documentation (proof) of this change to and we will do our best to integrate you into the online program.
  4. What happens if I can no longer present my paper in-person or online? Can you simply show my video instead?We will implement the rule of no-show as in previous WSC conferences. Thus, a delegate not presenting a paper at either the physical conference or the online conference (however they agreed to present the paper) will lose the opportunity for the paper to be published as part of the WSC2021 proceedings. Furthermore, like in previous years, the “no-show” incident will be reported to the WSC Board.

  5. Can I get a refund for changing my registration from in-person to virtual, or because I can no longer attend the conference? 
    The deadline for changing registration without penalty was November 29th. No refunds will be given at this point.
  6. Where are covid testing sites in Phoenix for my outbound flight?
    Below are testing resources in Arizona – some are free/no charge and others might have a charge depending on your insurance. Click here for Arizona COVID-19 updates.
  7. Are masks required at the in-person conference?
    The state of Arizona does not have a state-wide mask mandate. Therefore, masks are not required at the conference, but recommended.
  8. Am I required to have a covid vaccine to attend the conference?
    The state of Arizona has no testing and/or vaccination requirements for its residents and domestic and international visitors. Federal travel requirements for foreign nationals apply. Therefore, covid vaccination is not required to attend the conference. Learn more about for Arizona COVID-19 policies here.
  9. Are there local sites in Phoenix to visit?
  10. What sites should I visit in Arizona after the conference?