Poster Presentations

Submission Deadline Extended:  April 14
Selection Notification: April 28

Submit a poster presentation for this exciting new INFORMS meeting. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded.

You are invited to submit a proposal to present a poster at the 2014 INFORMS Conference on the Business of Big Data. Proposals will be reviewed by the Conference Committee, and you will be notified by April 25 as to whether your poster has been accepted.

Poster presentations will be scheduled in two sessions, held after lunch on Monday and Tuesday (dessert will be served during the poster sessions). The Poster display will be the only event on the program during these times, so that presenters receive useful feedback from colleagues and all attendees can learn from the presentations.  

We welcome Poster Presentations on the full range of big data analytics, including all applications areas, industries and methodologies.

This visual, brief-presentation format lends itself to:

  • Descriptions of big data projects that are still in progress,
  • Examples of successful work that may not be extensive enough for a 50-minute formal presentation but still offer useful learning points for technical and management professionals,
  • New, cutting-edge topics and projects on which you’re looking for feedback,
  • Case studies of projects that were NOT successful, and what you learned from the experience,
  • Corporate or consulting work subject to nondisclosure restrictions that can still be presented at a high level,
  • Your experience and advice on “soft” topics, such as explaining big data analytics to internal or client decision-makers, working with non-technical users, etc.


Benefits of Presenting
  • The prestige of being selected to present a poster at an INFORMS top-quality conference.
  • The opportunity to receive feedback on your work from colleagues.
  • An opportunity to participate fully in the conference, networking with industry practitioners, academics and consultants.


Poster Review and Presentation
  • You will be expected to present your poster during a session on either Monday, June 24, or Tuesday, June 25. 
  • Questions? Contact Paulette Bronis –; 1-443-757-3590


To Submit a Proposal

Information you will need to provide:

  • Contact information; brief biographical information.
  • Electronic copy (soft copy) of your poster. You can make some changes after the poster is submitted and accepted, and the review committee may suggest revisions.  However, the poster you submit as a soft copy should be essentially complete. 
  • See “Production & Presentation Guidelines” below for information on poster design and online sites that offer format templates.


Instructions for the Online Form:

  • On the “Contributing Author Abstract Submission” page, the questions on co-authors are optional.  Please fill out any sections related to co-authors if applicable. You have the option to send an email to your co-authors but it is not necessary.
  • On the “Abstract Submission” page,  please:
      • Enter or copy/paste a brief (100-150 word) biography in the open box that says “Abstract.”
      • Upload a PDF of your poster.


Production & Presentation Guidelines
  • Posters must be produced as a single-sheet exposition that can fit on the bulletin board provided by INFORMS. The bulletin board measures 96” wide by 48” tall. We recommend a poster size of 72” wide by 36” tall, or 48” wide by 36” tall. However, other sizes are acceptable as long as they do not exceed the bulletin board dimensions of 96” wide by 48” tall.
  • In preparing your poster, you may want to reference these online sites that provide templates as well as printing services. Please see below for our guidelines on poster content and design.
    Poster Presentation
    Make Signs
  • Printing: we strongly recommend that you have your poster printed locally or by an online site before you travel to the meeting, rather than attempt to have it printed onsite in San Jose.  See the links above for several online production/printing services.
  • In addition to the bulletin board for your poster, INFORMS also supplies a table positioned in front of your board. You can use this for additional materials and/or for a laptop. The table measures 6 feet wide by 18 inches deep. Electrical connection will not be provided, so be sure your laptop is fully charged for the 45-minute duration of the session. Projection is not possible due to space constraints.


Poster Content & Design

  • Maintain a good contrast between background and foreground text.
  • Avoid acronyms and extensive mathematical notation as much as possible.
  • Overview information should include the poster title and full names of all contributors, their affiliations, addresses and an email and/or web link. The overview should also include one or more of the following: a short description of the problem, objectives of the work, the methodology utilized, conclusions, relevant diagrams, graphs and charts in order to present an overview for the application.
  • If you have questions about poster presentation, contact Paulette Bronis –; 1-443-757-3590


Click here to submit.