Technology Workshops

Sunday, June 22nd

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Please choose only one workshop for each session.

FICO Frontline Systems, Inc.
Forio SAS  
Number Analytics LLC  


1:45pm-3:15pm Workshops

FICO: Room LL21B
Turn Big Data into Better Decisions
Today, enormous arrays of new information, much of it unstructured and seemingly intractable, afford new opportunities to improve decisions. In this workshop you will discover new innovations in FICO Model Builder that detect predictive signals from massive and unstructured data, to extract real and actionable insight. Turning these predictions and related information with uncertainty into optimized decisions is best done by using the new robust modeling and optimization capabilities of FICO’s Xpress Optimization Suite.  Come see how FICO’s advanced analytics help you derive better decisions, on premise or on the FICO Analytic Cloud.

Forio: Room LL21C
Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Operations Research Applications
Learn how to get your operations research application running on the web in a free Forio account. If you don’t have a model with you, you can use a sample model to produce an interactive web OR application. We will start with an introduction to the Forio platform. In the first part we will help you get your model or optimization running on Forio’s servers. We’ll walk through the process of importing your model to the server. In the second half we’ll focus on creating an interactive user interface for your application. After the introduction, you will be able to work on your own. Forio will also provide a debrief on online analytics applications and suggest possible next steps for enhancing your own online tool. Bring a laptop if you would like to participate. Room LL21D
Unambiguous Uncertainty Stored as Big Data
Non-profit promotes standards for communicating uncertainties through arrays of data known as SIPs (Stochastic Information Packets). Topics:

  • The origins of Probability Management
  • The open SIPmath™ Standard
  • Interactive simulation in Excel without macros or add-ins using the Data Table
  • The SIPmath Modeler Tools for facilitating the generation of such models
  • Aggregating uncertainty across the enterprise
  • Applications
    • Energy
    • Defense
    • Finance
    • In the classroom
  • Leveraging Crystal Ball, @Risk, Risk Solver, Matlab, R, and SAS
  • Harvesting probability distributions from such sources as the Federal Reserve, and US Geological Survey

Visit for videos and Excel demo models. Packages such as Crystal Ball, @Risk, Risk Solver, Matlab, R, and SAS may be leveraged through shared stochastic libraries using the open SIPmath™ standard. Visit for videos and Excel demo models.

Number Analytics LLC: Room LL21E
How to Analyze Customer Churn and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):  
A Demonstration Session to Analyze Customer Level Data Set using Number Analytics Software

We will demonstrate how to analyze customer level data using easy to use customer analytics software, Number Analytics, one of the first cloud based statistical software built for business people. We will show how to visualize the statistical results in colorful graphs. You can do advanced marketing analytics such as new product diffusion, customer churn analysis, and customer lifetime value calculation. Easy to use, easier to understand and fast to implement!

3:30pm-5:00pm Workshops

Frontline Systems: Room LL21B
Analytics Made Easy: Data Mining, Simulation and Optimization for Excel and the Web
Don’t miss this first-ever showing of our new data mining software and new data visualization for Excel and the Web – and discover the easiest, fastest, lowest cost and risk “on ramp” to full-spectrum predictive and prescriptive analytics, from Excel Solver developer Frontline Systems, the company that’s democratizing analytics.  See how one integrated toolset can meet your needs for forecasting and sophisticated data mining, Monte Carlo simulation and risk analysis, and conventional and stochastic optimization – without the complexity and high cost of “enterprise” solutions.  Easily build models in Microsoft Excel, your Web browser with Office 365, or your favorite programming language, without getting “locked in” to custom languages, and without any compromises on power and speed.  Take home a CD with full-power versions of our tools, and free trial licenses.

SAS: Room LL21C
An Overview of Machine Learning with SAS® Enterprise Miner™                         
SAS® Enterprise Miner™ provides multithreaded, scalable machine learning capabilities. This workshop presents several examples of machine learning tasks, including sample code and web resources. Examples use machine learning algorithms from SAS Enterprise Miner and data from the Kaggle predictive modeling competitions: document classification with the EMC Israel Data Science Challenge data, estimating the number of clusters in the Claim Prediction Challenge data and deep learning with the MNIST Digit Recognizer data. Examples will emphasize the analytical approach to each task, how to incorporate machine learning results into the SAS Enterprise Miner data mining platform, and integration with other machine learning technologies.