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Cluster Chairs

Cluster Chairs

Advanced Developments for AI with Applications in Healthcare, Industry & Fintech

Henry Horng-Shing Lu, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

AI, Analytics, and Healthcare

Tinglong Dai, Johns Hopkins University
Diana Prieto, PUCV, Chile

AI for Optimization and its Applications

Reem Khir, Purdue University
Pascal Van Hentenryck, Georgia Tech.

ASOCIO – OR Applications to Sustainability

Gonzalo Mejía Delgadillo, Universidad de la Sabana
Pablo Andrés Maya, Universidad de Antioquia
Nicolás Clavijo Buritica, Rappi-Colombia

ASOCIO – OR in Health Systems

David Barrera, Universidad Javeriana
Andrés Osorio-Muriel, Evidera – USA
Elena Valentina Gutiérrez, Universidad del Valle

ASOCIO – OR for Humanitarian Logistics

William Guerrero, Universidad de La Sabana
Elyn Solano, Universidad de La Sabana

Combinatorial Optimization and Applications

Diego Delle Donne, ESSEC 

Data Driven Optimization and Risk Management

Mabel Chou, National University of Singapore
Digital Decision-making
Meilian LiuGuilin University of Electronic Technology
 Industrial Applications of OR
Alejandro Montoya, Coordinadora
Mario Cesar Velez, Eafit University
Juan Carlos Duque, Carbon Solutions LLC
Edgar Gutierrez, Food and Retail Operations Lab at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics
Lean Six Sigma Applications
Kannan Ramanathan, University of Texas, Dallas
OM/Marketing Interface
Xuying ZhaoTexas A&M University

Rachel Chen, University of California, Davis

Optimization, Learning, and Decision Making
Luis Zuluaga, Lehigh University

Mateo Diaz, Johns Hopkins University

OR Methods & Analyses in AI

Yingdong Lu, IBM Research Center
Yada Zhu, IBM Research Center

People-Centric Operations

Lama Moussawi-Haidar, American University of Beirut
Nagihan Comez-Dolgan, Ozyegin University

Quality, Statistics, and Reliability
Ana María Estrada Gomez, Purdue University
Nathan Gaw, Air Force Institute of Technology
Service Operations

Guihua Wang, University of Texas, Dallas

Socially Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Tharanga Rajapakshe, University of Florida
Mili Mehrotra, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Sandun Perera, University of Nevada, Reno
Diana Ramirez-Rios, University at Buffalo, SUNY

Sustainability in OM

Dorothee Honhon, University of Texas, Dallas

Transportation & Mobility

Sheng Liu, University of Toronto

Vehicle Routing Problems

Juan Guillermo Villegas Ramirez,
Universidad de Antioquia-Ciudad Universitaria