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Presentation Limitation

An attendee may only present one paper at the conference. The first presentation submitted with the individual’s name as a presenter will be accepted. A participant may appear on the program multiple times as a non-presenting co-author on other papers without exceeding participation limits.

The following exemptions do not count toward this limit:

  • Participation as a session chair
  • Pre-conference Workshop/Conference Tutorials
  • Keynote or Plenary Speaker
  • INFORMS TutORial Speaker
  • Award Session Presenter
  • Poster Presentation
  • Theme panel (limit 1)
  • Non-presenting co-author (no limits)

The list above are the only approved exemptions from the one presentation participation limit.

ALL SPEAKERS are required to register and make payment by July 20, 2022. If speakers are not registered by July 20, the speaker will be notified that the presentation will be removed from the program.

  • Posters are the only types of submissions available for upload after May 16. The deadline for submitting a poster is July 25, 2022.

New This Year

All talks submitted for a contributed presentation to the 2022 INFORMS Annual Meeting will be delivered as (1) a 15-minute talk in a standard 4-talk session or (2) a 5-minute talk in a flash session (to be decided by the cluster chairs). The flash sessions will be organized with up to 10 presentations on the same themes that can focus on the motivation and results of their work, followed by a 15-20 minute interactive Q&A between the audience and presenters. Flash talks are expected to provide more opportunities for speakers to present their work and results with more meaningful interactions between presenters and the audience. Moreover, a flash talk can include a 15-minute companion video in addition to the presentation; the companion videos will be accessed by attendees for up to two (2) months following the conference. Submitters will be notified by July 8 if their abstract submission was selected for a standard session or a flash session. 

Important Dates

May 16
Abstract Submission Deadline for Contributed, Sponsored and Committee’s Choice Abstracts

July 20
Speaker Registration Deadline

All speakers are required to register and make payment by July 20, 2022. Any speaker not registered by this date will be notified that the presentation will be removed from the program. Any change to the presenting author must also be made by this date.

July 25
Poster Submission Deadline

Submission Deadlines

All deadlines are as of 11:59pm EST

May 16
Deadline for Submitting Contributed, Sponsored, and Committee’s Choice Abstracts

July 20
Deadline for Presenters to Register

July 25
Deadline for Poster Submissions – Competition and General

August 13
Deadline for Final Editing of Abstracts

Submit Early, Capacity Limited!

Submission Links and Login Instructions by Category:

Abstract Guidelines (Size/Length)

Abstract should be 750 characters maximum (approximately 60 words), title of abstract – 150 characters maximum.

  • Letters, numbers, and common math symbols* accepted.
  • All abstracts must be in English.
  • Do not include title or author information in the body of your abstract.
  • Abstracts will be published exactly as entered if accepted.
  • Review your abstract and check for typographical and spelling errors, coherence and technical content.

*PLEASE NOTE: Use only “text pad” when entering math symbols.