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INFORMS Advocacy Program

Wednesday, October 19

For Wednesday, the INFORMS Advocacy Program has developed an informative program to help INFORMS members better understand the importance of engaging with government officials and the media.

What is the INFORMS Advocacy Program?

Advocacy Overview

Jeff Cohen, INFORMS
Charles Cooper, Signal Group

A brief overview of INFORMS’ advocacy initiative presented by Jeff Cohen, INFORMS Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, and Charles Cooper, one of our advocacy consultants who has been a key partner in our success in Washington.

Expanding Your Reach & Impact through Advocacy & Outreach

Panel Discussion

Kara Morgan, Chair of Advocacy Governance Committee

Laura Albert, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Michael Johnson, University of Massachusetts Boston
Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University
Kayse Lee Maass, Northeastern University
Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Panelists will include a variety of INFORMS members who have been engaged in advocacy and communication work, and who will discuss the importance and benefits of engaging with policymakers, other government officials, and the media.

How to Convey a Message of Influence and Impact in 11 Minutes or Less


Mark R. Mills

In this first of a kind workshop for INFORMS, participants will be provided with an opportunity to learn and apply proven key strategies for effective time-sensitive communication, such as media interviews, persuading policymakers, or communicating with the public. These approaches are equally valuable for career and personal growth, as well as advancing the INFORMS public agenda for how Operations Research & Analytics saves lives, saves money, and solves problems.