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Poster Sessions

Attend the Poster Sessions and the Poster Competition

Poster submission deadline: June 26, 2023

Round 1 session: Sunday & Monday October 15-16, 2023

Round 2 (finalists) sessions: Tuesday October 17, 2023

Researchers, practitioners, and students share their O.R. and analytics projects presented as poster displays. Poster Competition winners will be announced during the in-person conference.

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Poster Sessions

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Submission and Competition

INFORMS places special emphasis on high-quality poster submissions. A Poster Session Competition will be held to recognize the best posters. If you would like to enter this competition, you are required to submit a soft copy of your poster (in pdf format) by June 26, 2023. You can indicate your participation during the submission procedure. Five winners will be selected during the conference, with a $300 award given to one winner in each of the four tracks and to one popular/people’s choice winner. The winners will also receive a certificate and will be recognized in INFORMS newsletters, OR/MS Today, INFORMS Connect, and on the INFORMS website. Second and Third Place will receive a certificate.

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Poster Sessions

New This Year

This year we are having 4 poster tracks. When submitting your poster please choose from the following tracks:

  1. Data science/Statistics/Machine learning
  2. Operations Research and Optimization Methodologies
  3. Multidisciplinary Applications
  4. Emerging Applications
Poster Sessions

Interactive Poster Sessions Co-Chairs

Hrayer Aprahamian

Texas A&M University

Bjorn Berg

University of Minnesota

Adolfo Escobedo

Arizona State University

How the Poster Competition Works

Participation in the poster competition is voluntary. That is, an author may elect to enter the General Poster session and make a poster presentation without entering the competition. For those who wish to compete, there are two rounds in the competition. In Round 1 (Sunday & Monday), the poster competition chairs and judges will screen the submitted posters for their fit-for-competition and determine the posters to be evaluated in Round 2 (Tuesday) by the judges. In Round 2, judges will evaluate each finalist poster. After the judges submit their scores for each poster, the competition chairs will identify the winners. The recognition includes a certificate, an award check, and announcements on INFORMS newsletters, OR/MS Today, INFORMS Connect, and on the INFORMS website

Poster Sessions

Before the Annual Meeting

Step 1. Abstract Submission: Only one poster abstract submission will be permitted per presenting author. For the poster submission, the following items are needed by June 26, 2023: contact information for yourself and any co-authors, the title, a 50-word abstract, and a poster in PDF format. You must select an option when entering your information to indicate if you wish to be part of the competition.

Step 2. Poster Review for Competition and Scheduling (Pre-Conference Round): All posters are accepted for presentation in person at the conference (Sunday and Monday). Chairs will screen the poster submissions to assign to judges and determine the presentation time (Sunday or Monday) accordingly. The schedule will be announced before the conference.

Poster Sessions

During the Annual Meeting

Step 3. Round 1: Poster presenters should bring a hard copy of their poster and hang it on the specified area before the scheduled poster session.

Step 4. Round 2: The finalists chosen for Round 2 will be asked to present at the competition session on Tuesday 12:45-2:00pm. Chairs will contact the finalists by late afternoon on Monday.

Poster Sessions

After the Annual Meeting

Further Recognition: The winners of the poster competition will be announced on the INFORMS website, in INFORMS newsletters, and in OR/MS Today.

Poster Preparation Guidelines & Instructions

Minimal Requirements

Poster: Each presenter in the Poster Sessions and Competition should submit their poster in the form of a 1-page PDF file in landscape orientation and bring a hard copy to the annual meeting. The bulletin board measures 90” wide by 43” tall. We recommend a poster size of 72” wide by 36.” However, other sizes are acceptable, if they do not exceed the bulletin board dimensions of 90” wide by 43” tall.

Suggested Best Practices

For all posters, please follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a good contrast between background and foreground text.
  • Avoid acronyms and extensive mathematical notation as much as possible.
  • Include one or more of the following: a brief description of the problem, objectives of the work, the methodology utilized, conclusions, relevant diagrams, and graphs and charts, in order to present an overview of the application.
  • Organize your poster into sections, e.g., Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and Literature Cited. (Avoid using too many citations.) You may wish to use numbers to help sequence sections of the poster.
  • Arrange the material into columns.
  • The title should be readable from 15–20 feet (approximately 4.5–6 meters) away.
  • The text should be large enough to be read easily from at least 6 feet (approximately 2 meters) away.
  • The poster should not rely upon your verbal explanation to link together the various portions.
  • Avoid densely packed, high word-count posters. Posters with 800 words or less are ideal.
  • Self-explanatory graphics should dominate the poster.
  • Below are webpages that provide more guidelines and free poster templates:

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