After more than 50 years since its inception, the Winter Simulation Conference will be held in Asia for the very first time in 2022! Join us virtually, or on-site at Marina Bay Sands, the iconic landmark of Singapore, in one of the most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities in Asia from December 11-14, 2022!

The theme of 2022 WSC is derived from Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative “Singapore Reimagined.” The COVID-19 pandemic brought us a “new normal” and technological advances in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), biotechnology, Internet of Things, quantum computing and virtual reality (VR) are changing the way humans live, work, play and communicate. Building on the “Smart Cities” focus of last year’s conference, 2022 WSC will “Reimagine Tomorrow” to evaluate not just living in an urban future where cities are safe, green and environmentally-secure with seamless power, water and transportation networks, but also working in an environment where both sustainable high-tech manufacturing and novel services play an essential role.

Well-known for its efficiency in logistics services and in the midst of developing the world’s largest next generation container port, we will look at Singapore’s future logistics and port systems integration and how simulation provides a good way to help the country plan its next move.

In addition, with more than a dozen wafer fabrication facilities in operation or under construction in Asia’s “Silicon Island,” the Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing (MASM) subconference will be given particular attention at 2022 WSC.

“Reimagine Tomorrow” relies on significant advancement from many fields such as modeling, experimentation and data analysis coming together to tackle various challenges. We invite scientific papers and case studies that highlight innovations in both theory and applications, with a specific focus on the use of not just simulation but also related technologies such as AI and VR.

A number of exciting changes will be implemented to make 2022 WSC even more attractive. Case studies will be integrated into the full paper tracks to enhance cross-fertilization between academia and industry, further supported by a Case Study Competition. The program roster will also be significantly enhanced to enable a productive hybrid format that accommodates the needs of virtual attendees from time zones across the entire globe.


Kenneth Lim

Assistant Chief Executive (Industry & Transformation),
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Ong Kim Pong

Regional CEO, PSA International, Singapore

Ngien Hoon Ping




Enver Yücesan

Professor, INSEAD Singapore


2022 WSC features a comprehensive program ranging from introductory tutorials to state-of-the-art research and practice. The planned tracks include:

Education and Outreach

  • Advanced Tutorials
  • Introductory Tutorials
  • Professional Development
  • Simulation 101
  • Simulation Education
  • Vendor


  • Analysis Methodology
  • Simulation Optimization
  • Modeling Methodology
  • Agent-based Simulation
  • Model Uncertainty and Robust Simulation
  • Hybrid Simulation


  • 18th International Conference on Modeling & Analysis of Semiconductor Manufacturing (MASM)
  • Aviation M&A
  • Complex & Resilient Systems
  • COVID-19 & Epidemiological Simulations
  • DSS – Data Science & Simulation
  • Environmental & Sustainability Applications
  • Financial Engineering
  • Gaming & Participatory Methods
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Logistics, Supply Chains, Transportation
  • Manufacturing Applications
  • Maritime Systems
  • Military & National Security Applications
  • Project Management & Construction
  • Reliability Modeling & Simulation
  • Scientific Applications
  • Simulation as Digital Twin
  • Simulation & AI


  • Commercial Case Studies
  • PhD Colloquium
  • Posters