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Accessibility & On-site Services


Due to COVID-19 rules and guidelines, we are not offering child care services at the Annual Meeting this year. If you require childcare, please contact Cheryl Clark for local recommendations.

Closed Captions

We encourage all presenters to add closed captions to their pre-recorded presentations.
Link to how to use Close Captioning on Zoom

Dietary Restrictions

Attendees with special dietary requirements should notify INFORMS staff of these requirements. Vegetarian options are automatically included in all meals. Should an attendee have any specific requests and/or concerns, please contact Cheryl Clark.

Mother’s Room

This room will be available during exhibit hall hours. It is located right outside the doors to Exhibit Hall D.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room will be available to all attendees from 7am-5pm, Sunday-Wednesday. The location of this room is Suite 312 in the Marriott.


There will be designated accessible seating for attendees with disabilities and seats will be marked in the rooms. It is important to inform staff of your requirements prior to the meeting so we can prepare accordingly. Please contact Cheryl Clark.

Service Animals

Guide, signal, and service animals (as defined in state and local laws) are permitted on the Anaheim Convention Center campus in alignment with ADA requirements.

Please do not pet or distract a service animal without the permission of their owner. These animals are working and should not be touched without explicit permission.

Wheelchair/Scooter Rentals

If you require a wheelchair or scooter during the Annual Meeting, you can rent directly through Scootaround Anaheim. They will deliver and pick-up at the Marriott Anaheim or the Anaheim Convention Center.

Please advise Cheryl Clark on the INFORMS Staff if you want us to accept the delivery at the convention center. We can store the rental until you arrive to the meeting.