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DEI Special Events

Sunday, October 24

Virtual Session – VSD54 Diversity/PSOR/MIF – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in OR/MS/Analytics. Innovations in Research and Practice I

2:45-4:15pm PDT
Virtual Room 54

Session Chairs: Michael P. Johnson & Gabriela Gongora-Svartzman

We’re Here: Interviews with LGBTQ+ Members of the INFORMS Community
Tyler Perini

Challenges Faced by Black Applicants to Graduate Programs in Computing
Ezinne Nwankwo

Diversity and Inequality in Social Networks
Ana-Andreea Stoica

Centering Racial Equity in Research and Data Practice
Alex Jackson

2021 Minority Issues Forum and the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
Annual Reception

7-8:30pm PDT
In person: CC – Ballroom E, LEvel 3

The Minority Issues Forum (MIF) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee invite you to the MIF/DEI Ambassadors 2021 Annual Reception to network and enjoy drinks and food among friends and colleagues. You’re also encouraged to join us for a screening of the documentary “Coded Bias” directly after the reception. Open to all attendes.

2021 Minority Issues Forum & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
Movie Screening – Coded Bias

8:30-10pm PDT
IN PERSON: CC – Ballroom D, Level 3

The DEI Committee and MIF invite you to a screening of the documentary, “Coded Bias,” which investigates the bias, prejudices, and threats to civil liberty identified in facial recognition and artificial intelligence algorithms by MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini. Open to all attendees.

Coded Bias

While working on an assignment involving facial-recognition software, the M.I.T. Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini found that the algorithm couldn’t detect her face — until she put on a white mask. Buolamwini soon discovered that most such artificial-intelligence programs are trained to identify patterns based on data sets that skew light-skinned and male.

Monday, October 25

Virtual Session – VMA55. Diversity/PSOR/MIF – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in OR/MS/Analytics. Innovations in Research and Practice II

6-7:30am PDT

Session Chairs: Michael P. Johnson & Gabriela Gongora-Svartzman

Fostering Geographic and Linguistic Diversity in Academic Conferences
Francisco Marmolejo

Bringing STEM to Underserved Communities
Aida Rahmattalabi, Caroline Johnston, Phebe Vayanos

Fairness, Equality, and Power in Algorithmic Decision-making
Maximilian Kasy

Developing Principles for Dei-informed Research in or/analytics Through an Analysis of Published Journal Articles
Michael P. Johnson, Tayo Fabusuyi

Virtual Session – VMD78. Understanding Disparities and Equity in Well-being through Data-Driven Approaches

2:45-4:15pm PDT
Virtual Room 78

Session Chair: Danika Dorris

Designing Efficient and Equitable Housing Allocation Policies from Data Collected in Deployment
Aida Rahmattalabi, Phebe Vayanos, Eric Rice, Kathryn Dullerud

Can’t wait: Reducing Treatment Delay for Psychiatric Patients
Nathan Adeyemi, Nasibeh Zanjirani Farahani, Amanda Graham, Kalyan Pasupathy, Kayse Lee Maass

Using University Data to Understand Engineering Student Well-being and to Predict Dropout
Danika Dorris

Identifying Disparities in Access to Psychosocial Services for the Medicaid-insured Children in Georgia
Yujia Xie

Tuesday, October 26

Virtual Session – VTB77. DEI Ambassador Program Session- Flash Session

7:45-9:15am PDT

Session Chairs: Daniel Reich & Anahita Khojandi

Spreading the Good News about Exciting Operations Research Careers to Middle and High School Students
Sharon Arroyo, Katy Wrenn

Who Are the Gatekeepers? An Examination of Diversity in INFORMS Journal Editorial Boards
Margaret L. Brandeau, Laker Newhouse

A Safe Platform for INFORMS Minority Groups
Tinglong Dai, Christopher Tang

MIF Undergraduate Students Day at the INFORMS Annual Meeting
Trilce Encarnacion, Ruben Proaño

Sustaining An Empowered Community for Women of Color in ORMS
Julie Simmons Ivy, Karen Hicklin, Maria Mayorga

We’re Here: LGBTQ+ Stories of Identity, Community, and Mentorship from INFORMS Members
Tyler Perini

Building an Approach to DEI-Informed Research in OR/Analytics
Michael P. Johnson, Tayo Fabusuyi

Creating an Accessible ORMS Community for Disabled People
Kayse Lee Maass, Kezban Yagci Sokat 

“Now What?” – A Mid-Career Faculty Colloquium for Underrepresented Groups
Illya V. Hicks, Julie Ivy, Maria Mayorga

Stimulating Participation of Underrepresented Groups in INFORMS Editorial Boards
Alice E. Smith

Computational Thinking and Equity – An Online Tapia Camp for 7-12th Graders
Richard Tapia, Juan Pablo Vielmo, Paul Hand, Leticia Velazquez

2:45-4:15pm PDT
Virtual Room 52

Session Chair: Jorge Mejia

Recommending Equity? How Fairness-aware Recommendations Affect Crowdfunding Choices
Lauren Rhue

Dancing to the #challenge: The Effect of TikTok on Closing the Artist Gender Gap
Yifei Wang, Jui Ramaprasad, Anand Gopal

Racial Discrimination in Customer Service
Tami Kim, Alexandra Feldberg

Gender and Racial Discrimination in Social Perception of Fact-checkers
Jorge Mejia, Jui Ramaprasad

Wednesday, October 27

Can Algorithms Help Us Better Understand Inequality?

1:30-2:30pm PDT
in person: CC – Ballroom D | Virtual: virtual theater 4

DEI Special Events

Invited Speaker of the 2021 INFORMS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Rediet Abebe
UC Berkeley, Harvard Society of Fellows