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Guidelines for Sessions

Session Type Details 

The meeting will feature several different types of sessions, each with unique characteristics. If you have any questions regarding the type of session you are presenting or chairing, please reach out to Cassie McKay at INFORMS.

How will virtual sessions work? All technical sessions will be 90 minutes long. Before each session, all participants will enter the Zoom room link at the top of the session. The Session Chair will briefly introduce the speakers and then they will share their screen and play the first presentation recording for everyone. Next, they will hold Q&A with the first presenter. This will keep anyone new entering at the same place. It will continue in this way until the last person has presented. Everyone is required to upload a prerecorded presentation, but if a presenter wishes to present live during their session, that is fine as long as they notify their Session Chair. 

  • General (Invited/Sponsored) – The length of your recording will be determined by the number of presenters in your session, so please check with your Session Chair. Make sure your recording is a few minutes under your allotted time to allow for Q&A. 
  • Contributed – Each speaker will have 15 minutes to present. Contributed speakers should record a talk that’s about 12 minutes long to allow time for Q&A after your presentation. 
  • Panel The Moderator should host the panel session in a Zoom meeting and record it prior to Sept. 13. This recording should be uploaded by the Moderator by Sept. 13. At the scheduled session time, the moderator can share the recording through the Zoom room and host Q&A with the panelists. Panelists should check with their moderator for details, as some panels will be held differently. 
  • Award – Presenters should upload their presentation by Sept. 13. If any part of the awards needs to be live, it can be set up on your own prior to the meeting, recorded in Zoom, and then uploaded. Or, it can be done in the live in the Zoom room link provided by INFORMS in the virtual meeting site. 
  • Flash – Flash session presenters should check with their Session Chair for details on recording/presentation time.   
  • TutORials – TutORial presenters should record a 60-minute talk. Each session will have one speaker for 60 minutes followed by a 15-minute live Q&A.
  • Technology Tutorial – Tutorial presenters should record a 30-minute talk that will be followed by a 10-minute live Q&A.  
  • Technology Showcase – Technology Showcase presenters should record a 20-minute presentation that will be followed by a 10-minute live Q&A. 
  • Plenary/Keynote – Plenary & Keynote talks will be live (unless requested otherwise by the speaker) and will include live, moderated Q&A with the speakers.  
  • Poster Session – Posters will take place on Sunday, October 24th from 3:30-4:30pm. Poster presenters are encouraged to upload their poster as an MP4 with audio (no longer than 10 minutes), or they can upload a PDF with no audio. Presenters should be available to respond to questions/comments via text chat during this time. 

Text chat directly to presenters will be available throughout the entire meeting and for three months after the conference. Messages can be viewed and responded to in the submission portal though the login process. 

Please keep in mind that any live interaction increases the likelihood of complications. However, our goal is to create a meeting experience with unlimited accessibility to attendees worldwide that prioritizes the health and safety of our attendees, and that while virtual, still fosters genuine and meaningful human connection among attendees. We are excited to introduce you to new and unique opportunities to explore meeting content, network, collaborate, and build lasting relationships with your peers around the world.