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Past Poster Competition Winners

From Past Years (2008-2019)


Noreen Kamal
Development of An Interactive Visualization For Best Transport Scenario To Optimize Outcomes For Stroke Patients Using A Statistical Probability Model
Dalhousie University

Imitiaz Ahmed
Unsupervised Anomaly Detection Using Graph Regularized Autoencoders
Texas A&M University


Oleg Gusikhin
IoT and Connected Vehicle Analytics for Intelligent Air Quality Management
Ford Motor Company

Rahul Swamy
Political Districting with Fairness Objectives: An Optimization-based Framework
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Ethan Mark
Reducing Discarded Organs and Improving Physician-patient Decision-making via Decision-support Tools and Systems Optimization
Georgia Tech

Elias B. Khalil
Learning in Discrete Optimization
Georgia Tech


Thiago Serra
Reformulating The Disjunctive Cut Generating Linear Program
Carnegie Mellon University

Lucas Buccafusca
Modeling and Maximizing Power For Wind Turbine Arrays
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Harris Kyrikou
The Effect of Shape and Semantic Novelty in Product Design Usage
Stevens Institute of Technology

Maya Bam
Surgery Scheduling with Recovery Resources
University of Michigan


Masood Jabarnejad
Operations Research to Reduce the Cost of Electricity
Auburn University

Yuanhui Zhang
Optimization of Treatment Decisions for Chronic Diseases: An Application to Type 2 Diabetes


Mohammad Marufuzzaman
Impact of Different Carbon Regulatory Policies in Biofuel Supply Chain Network under Uncertainty
Mississippi State University

Mehrnaz Abdollahian
An MDP Model for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Intervention Strategies for BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers
University of South Florida


Irem Sengul
Modeling for Equitable Allocation of Food Distribution in North Carolina under Capacity Constraints
North Carolina State University

Sara Shashaani
A Simulation Optimization Approach to Epidemic Forecasting
Virginia Tech


Apurva Samudra
Optimization-based Design of Novel Molecules with Desired Properties
Carnegie Mellon University

Nico M. Van Dijk
Blood Platelet Optimization for Blood Banks
University of Amsterdam


John Gunnar Carlsson
Map Segmentation Algorithms for Geographic Resource Allocation
University of Minnesota

Kelly Bartlett
Asset Allocation and Routing in a Recruiting Organization
Georgia Institute of Technology


Turgay Ayer
Operations Research for Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
University of Wisconsin

Durai Sundaramoorthi
A Data-Integrated Simulation-based Optimization of New Patient Assignments
Missouri Western State University


Burcu Aydin
Optimization over Tree Structured Objects